It's that time of year. We have both a traditional/choir service, and contemporary/band service. The contemporary congregation expects a contemporary sound, without taking away from the traditions that come with Christmas carols. Please share ideas, and name of artist if you know of any. Currently we're using part of S.C. Chapman's 'Away In A Manger'; the breaks between verses.



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Okay, one thing that drives me nuts is when somebody "rocks out" a Christmas carol (or hymn) by double-timing the guitar part so that the guitar is doing lots of strumming, but the congregation is actually singing the song slower than usual. Anybody who thinks they might be guilty of this, record yourself doing the song with your guitar and then stand there and sing along without playing.

I'm sure you'll get better suggestions than this, this is just a pet peeve I whine about every chance I get...

I'll see your whine and raise you a frustrated sigh! I agree completely. - Jim C
We worked up the Casting Crown's "Silent Night" last night, and it went quite well. I'll let you know how it's received on Sunday. Hint: in Bb, Capo 3, Guitar players play a G chord with a 5 on the 'B' string, and let the 'e' string ring the 6 note. Having a violin helps too!


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