Hello all!

My name is Michael Pickering. I'm a former Worship Leader now founding and Senior Pastor of LifeWalk Church, a new plant in south NJ. http://www.lifewalk.tv

The Lord is so good and is growing our new church seedling. We held our grand opening this past Easter Sunday. As of this past weekend we've completely maxed out the A/V gear I've donated to the church. I'm hoping to connect with a more established church that may have some old gear collecting dust in a storage closet that would consider donating (or mostly donating) equipment to our plant here in NJ. Your downgrade could be our upgrade! 

I'm a big fan of recycling, gear included. I've worked at venues in the past that, upon upgrading equipment, either trashed or retired the older gear to collect dust. Although I have been trolling craigslist, etc., for deals, I also believe it can't hurt to explore a few other resources in hopes of making the most of what may potentially be available.

We've been adding musicians and have maxed out our board, snake and lighting. I believe we need to be looking at a 24-32 channel board capable of 6 monitor mixes. We also already could use double our existing lighting. Prayers and practical assistance are most welcome! I can provide a detailed list of our current gear if you would like. Let me know.

BTW - We don't yet have a leader for our Arts Ministry. At this point every one is volunteering, my self and my wife included, but if you should sense a "nudge" from the Lord let me know!


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You might also post this at the Praise and Worship Forum (praiseandworshipforum.com). They actually have a play-it-forward thing that has netted equipment for people.

I have passed this along to some folks to see if they have anything on your list.
Hi Cory,

Thank you so much for reaching out. I can't tell you how much this means. I will follow up over on the Praise and Worship Forum. God bless you, and if I can ever be of any help please give me a shout.


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