So as I enjoy writing Christian music in a variety of styles in a hobbyist capacity, I find that the congregational worship song is tough to write properly for congregational singing.  So here is another attempt at writing a suitable worship song, one that I wrote with a local friend of mine (Shelly Head).  The song title, "Crimson King".   

Please take a moment to listen to the song at SoundCloud at   

Below are the lyrics and chords.

Let me know your thoughts and if you think this works as a congregational worship song.  Thank you!

Crimson King

Brian Lawson and Shelly Head 3/12/18  (Rev 9/10/18)

Verse 1:

 D                G/D                D

Jesus, Your nail pierced hands    (are)

        Bm7  Asus    G2

So, Beautiful to me

D               G/D                   D

Jesus, Your nail pierced hands    (are)

          Bm7    Asus     G2

Such proof of love for me


G                           A

Jesus, wounded healer


Bled to save us

           Bm// Asus//

Died for me,     (oh)

G                         A

Jesus, Scarlet Savior


My  Redeemer

      Bm7 -     Asus  G

Crimson King   Crimson King

Verse 2:

Jesus, the blood you poured out

Washed my sins at Calvary

Jesus, the blood you poured out

Raised this life, now I’m redeemed


G                                                  Bm

Oh how marvelous,    Oh how wonderful

D                                      A

Is your blood, Your cleansing blood

Em7                          Bm

Oh how marvelous,  Oh how wonderful

D                               A

Is your blood, Your cleansing blood

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Nice song Brian and thanks for sharing! I think this would definitely work for corporate worship.

The annual songwriting contest is coming... hint, hint. :)

Thanks Nathan. Like last year, my reasons not to enter this contest stand. One reason at least with this song is that it needs a better recording, but the other reasons would overrule that anyway. Thanks for listening and your feedback!

There are some really well-phrased lines in here. “Wounded healer”... great picture of our King! I could definitively enter into worship singing this! Well done! Take it to the studio, sir. 

God bless

Thank you for your thoughts and time listening.   I don't know what kind of recording will get accomplished, but in the meantime, feel free to use and try it out in your church if you are leading worship. 


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