Ok. This is a bit of a confessional, but more of a question.


It seems that every time I lead worship, as the Holy Spirit begins to move, I start crying. Sometimes I'm crying out of an overflow of emotion because of what I'm singing to my God, or because my audience is really worshiping, which makes sense to me and I never question. However, sometimes it seems that tears are just flowing out of me. I don't "feel" anything significant, but the tears still come.


Any thoughts or possible explanations?

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Hi, it seems like a manifestation of the Holy Spirit or the gift of tears, also from the Holy Spirit. We can't always understand the why's, but the Holy Spirit knows what He is doing.......

For what it is worth, when I was baptised in the Holy Spirit my tears dried up completely. I can get tears behind my eyes but they never flow (I wish sometimes they would) I don't understand this either, and I guess I never will.

May God continue to bless you in this very special way. Lorraine
This is definitely something I consider a blessing. Thanks for the input.
Gift of tears. Go with it.

Though you should test it to see if it's from God -"Test the spirits 'cos not every spirit comes from God." Once you've applied your discernment and the Name of Jesus you'll know for sure.

Sounds like gift of tears to me though.
There is a song that God gave to me a while ago. It talks about how God's love for me is just "overwhelming -- better than wine, his name is ointment poured forth." I cry sometimes as the spirit moves. I cry sometimes out of what I have already identified God to be dealing with in my spirit. But I find that as I become more intimate, or as I abandon myself to God in worship that I find just an outpouring spiritually and naturally -- tears, loud song, violent outpouring of worship, that just emerges from me. I don't always know where it comes from, but I welcome the expression God works in me and through me. It was difficult for me because I didn't consider myself to be an "emotional" person, but God is breaking me of that "hard" exterior that I have spent building through my "hard times or wilderness" experiences. I am being rebuilt and God is building newly upon what is being burned on the altar daily. God is awesome and He is faithful to give revelation of what he is doing. I hope this is helps. God bless.
Would like to hear your song - could you post it?
Thanks so much for the input. I'm finding that this is definitely a reaction I have to leading others in worship. The tears are more intense when God is working through my life issues in song, but often, I'm overcome with the fact that I'm being used by Him in such a powerful way. Thanks again for your thoughts.
Bless you J Pettigrew.
I debated whether to post this reply, because it's very "unspiritual" -- but if it were me, and I were looking for an answer, I would be interested to hear a variety of possibilities. My thought is this: The tears that come when you don't feel anything in particular could be a Pavlovian response. That is, your body is accustomed to being emotionally moved and manifesting that with tears, so that when you are in that situation, your body is conditioned to respond with tears, whether you feel those emotions or not.

As I said, very unspiritual. But not bad - I don't think it's good or bad. If the above were true, I don't think it matters. It just "is." (Again, if it were true, which it might not be.) It doesn't sound like you're terribly troubled by it, so I think if it were me, I would mull over possibilities, maybe come to a conclusion, or maybe not, and just go on.
I cry when I see someone who against the odds wins a chance to go to Hollywood on American Idol. OK, just picking.
I've known of certain people in our church male and female, who everytime they stood up before the people to speak about anything, they began to cry. They were just that type of people. You knew if they got up to say something, they were going to cry. It wasn't the topic in general that made them cry. If was a testimony to the Lord's goodness, they cried. If it was just trying to give an announcement about something, it would lead to crying. There was just no escaping it for them.
Tears are beautiful. It has a way of touching the emotions of those who are witnesses to it. And then they don't even know for sure why they're crying with them. I love it.
I say let it flow. You don't need to make excuses, spiritualize it or demoralize it.
Flute Punch,

I do appreciate, the "non-spiritual" nature of your input. I find as much comfort in knowing that there may not be a spiritual reason for my tears as I do for the obvious filling of the Spirit. Thanks for your post.


I'm definitely an emotional person in general, although I don't cry when I'm giving the announcements... unless someone is getting married, or having a kid, or got on American Idol. :) So I guess this is a possible explanation as well. Thanks!
I understand completely.....I to find myself at times crying even when nothing significant is going on.....the best I have been able to come with is explained by a question that I ask each of my worship arts students and ministry members on the first day.... "What is music"?..............very seldom does anyone come up with the (in my humble opinion) right answer: music is emotion.....plain and simple....it is love, hate, happiness, sadness, envy, desire, anger, etc............

I always try to teach the members and students that singing or playing the notes is not enough.....they need to strive deeper than that...what is the emotion of the song, or of the writer when they were composing it?........I would rather have one person on stage that plays the blood, sweat, etc.....of the song than a whole group of superb note players......

wrote a song for Easter a couple of years ago about Gethsemane.....I poured over the scripture accounts for days, but it still did not make sense on a gut level......then I realized.......Jesus was mad, really ticked off at God......he was not mad at death or the manner of His dying, for He knew that all along......but rather after 30 years of sinless life, being asked to go to the Cross as the worlds biggest sinner......after that, the song came together in a few minutes.....I know that God guided me in that, for the one time I have physically heard His voice was after my Salvation, when He told me He wanted me to tell His story.......

the song itself got mixed reviews from the congregants.....those that understood were hugely moved....but there were those that felt it to edgy, not respectful enough........emotion........but one thing it did do....it made EVERYONE think, and there was much talking between the congregants after that....even my worship pastor stated he had never looked at it in that way before....that it opened up a completely new understanding of the events......sooooooooooo.........know there are those who disagree, but go with the emotions.......as long as they are Christ-based you cannot go wrong.....

I like your approach about the emotion of the message that each particular song carries with it. They're not made to be sung with the same big goofy smile or with a serious face. I guess it has been one of my downfalls because I have a tremendous since of humour at all times. So I can tend to give off the wrong message because I find humour in everything.
I will definately have to try that approach though in writing and who knows, maybe I'll even shed a tear or two while doing it. :^)


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