So, for Christmas my new set of in-Ears arrived!!!


just before christmas i got my ear impressions done and sent them to the US for my  full range triple driver monitors to be built... i am yet to try them out on stage, BUT even just listening to my ipod excites me now!!


does anyone else use In ears,  custom moulds or generic  headphones???


what are your thoughts?


the only thing im worried about now is getting the sound guy to mix well....

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So you didn't also get a new sound guy for Christmas?

dont get me started on that!! ;-) im at the point of putting down my guitar and learning sound!!...grr


maybe ill start a poll... it will be  should sound guys be allowed to do sound if they arnt musical? Just technical...


Maybe i just did start that poll...

What did you get? How are you getting on with them?


I use etymotic ER6i's with some custom sleeves which have worked well for me but I do need something more serious now. I'm looking at the Ultimate Ears either UE4's or UE5's.



Just a set of E3's.

Wow.  Custom to a person's own ears?  Utterly cool. 

Yeah -- if the sound guy twizzled the wrong knob and gives you "8" instead of "3" in your custom earphone you will still end up laid out on the carpet, like in "Star Trek - the Wrath of Khan"

All our band members use IEMs, and a couple use custom molded Ultimate Ears. I use UE TripleFi 10's and they are just killer. As for the sound guy, just save up and get an Aviom system. Then you can mix the monitor channels yourself. We have that setup and it is soooo nice.
Can you imagine how many wars we would have LOST if our aircraft had used in-cockpit monitors mounted on the floor?


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