Hey, everyone! I've been listening to a lot of Lincoln Brewster's stuff recently, and I've noticed that he leans pretty heavily on nice tap-tempo delays for his supper cool, neato verse riffs. I've only ever been using multi-effects units since I started playing electric about a couple years ago, and I'm not 100% sure how to use real delay pedals with tap tempos.

So here's one question - do you just tap in the tempo of the song your playing right on the spot? I know one could run into serious trouble if you set up your delay time for one tempo beforehand and then your drummer pulls fast or drags the tempo.

Another question - what's a good delay pedal to use that has tap tempos and different types of delays? I've seen a friend use the green Line 6 delay unit, but he didn't explain its operation, and he didn't even use it that much that I'm aware of.

I have some nice delays that I like on my Digi Tech Rp350, but in order to turn it on or off, you have to use the expression pedal, or you have to line up two presets next to each other - one with delay and one without. I like to be able to use the expression pedal to control other perimeters like amp drive or on/off for a distortion box or effects box model.

Yeah, this is lengthy, but I just really want to learn all I can.

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You're on a rolllllllllll. (Sorry, had to turn off the delay in favor of revvveeerrrbb.)

anyone try out Strymon pedals? Bucket Brigade?

Absolutely awesome, but I'm not sure the price point is justified if all you need is a basic delay. They have a tape echo and a regular echo and they have superior sound quality and a few doodads beyond the basics. They base it on a digital imitation of the original bucket brigade chips and frankly, they're much better sounding. But for the price point, you have to decide if that's what you need. They're $299 and frankly, a Carbon Copy or Malekko 616 would more than work for most people at $149. Or even the Hardwire that I have is full of features and only $159. Now their chorus - that would be worth looking into.

Sorry I meant the Strymon Brigadier but I guess you knew what I meant!  Anyways, I've been trying one out...I had some cool stuff going with it and then I changed a setting now I cant find that sweet spot anymore. ARGH!

Also found a Boss DM 2 in a box of stuff at church that no one thought worked!  I'm so new to the world of delay...I've got a LOT of learning!

LoL got any pics of the spandex? HAHA

Everything I do is winged! I play by ear. I wish I was better at reading charts & stuff.


I'm looking for a Delay Pedal/Looper to use with both Electro-Acoustic/Electric guitar.    The delay will be used  in a effects loop or after a Blackstar HT-Dual for the Electric or between the Guitar and PA for the Acoustic.  I'm considering a TC Electrics Flashback X4, Boss DD7 or a Line 6 DL4  anyone got any experience of any of these.  


Yes, I don't own the TC, but I've played through it and lust after it. I can't justify buying it right now as I already have a Hardwire and like it. But if I was in the market, it would be the TC. The other two don't do much for me. I think you get more useful and accurate presets on the TC plus the nice save feature. All in all, it's a top notch upgrade from the original Flashback.

Greg - I've owned and used a CC pretty much since they were first released. It's a very pleasing delay, sweetly warm and with a nice open and organic sound, and is my favourite delay pedal. There are several ways mine sounds good:

In the effects loop for 80s lead sounds (if you have an amp with a loop). Sadly it doesn't sound the same with a drive pedal straight in, but used like that the tone is beautiful.

With a short delay, couple of repeats at low intensity to fatten out the sound and add some shimmer, almost like reverb.

Around 300msec delay, several repeats with greater emphasis on the echo, using a thinnish guitar tone it sounds good for reggae type sounds.

Delay around 450msec, several repeats and heavy emphasis on the echo sound, I use this in conjunction with fairly high gain from a distortion pedal and a volume pedal to create synthy swells. It worked so well on one occasion that the keyboard player actually checked his keyboard over to find out why it was playing a swell sound.

You may have no need to do any of these, in which case avoid GAS and stay away from the CC! The places I don't use it are for clean slap-back echo and anywhere a pristine modern echo sound is required, where I use a PB&J instead. The CC will also self-oscillate, but to me, that always sounds like operator error.

It's just another tool, but obviously not one you feel you need for the job you do.

I quite like having a wide tonal palette available, even though some weeks I might have never touched some sections of it. Presently I'm not playing at all, pretty much due to absence of other backing musicians and singers, and have taken the opportunity to re-do the board. Might pop a pic and description up in the pedal board shout out thread in a bit.

I've not found a lot of place for delay in worship either, but I do own one and have fun with it at home. At times, I use it for slapback, but anything beyond that gets drown out. I think I'm going to start throwing some slapback on my voice ala Bruce Springsteen and Chris Isaac.

So I'm like you - I like having a tonal palette, albeit not as wide as some.

Gaither/U2 - Oooooh noooooo!

Give some slap back delay a chance in worship. I use some very short slapback and it helps give punch and attention to the notes. I'm not referring to major springy country slapback, just some quick delay notes that make your instrument sound more authoritative. There have been times when other member of my team said, "wait a minute, turn that back on".


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