Do worship leaders really make an effort to learn from other worship leaders?

It's pretty easy to get consumed with preparing for a service with coordinating worship team members, picking music, etc.  But do you think that worship leaders tend to put themselves on an island.


As I strive to learn from other worship leaders who are from other cultures sometimes I find that we're not really making the effort to rely on one another. 


I guess what I'm really saying is that why aren't we living a life of community with other worship leaders online and offline.

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I think places like, YouTube and forums like this are good places to find out what other WL's are doing and thinking. Even if you only lurk you can learn a lot online...
I hear you . . . Jesus hears you . . .
Answers? - Small congregations of peers? Small group like a kinship?
I love to experience worship that other worship leaders are leading. I learn a lot that way. I have tried calling some of the leaders at other local churches and rarely does my call get returned. I guess they are extremely busy too. I work a full time job, have a family, and as my church worship leader I head up two teams as well as spend a lot of time coaching the youth praise team. Online seems to work the best. Here and facebook. I've friended some worship leaders I've met at mission and youth retreats that will network with me on facebook.
Hey Pete...feel free to email me You can find me on facebook as well.

Cool. I'll look you up on Facebook.
Hmm...interesting. Yes and no. I agree with Vadie's comment about there being jealousy in the church community; in the past it's been hard to network with other leaders in worship ministry. But, I am VERY grateful that my husband and I have recently been able to befriend a few worship leaders - it began with many pastors working together for a big event last year. I've enjoyed it.
Also, this site has helped a LOT! I've been able to grow thru it. I've learned things even when I wasn't looking for them...
Just my two-cents.

We had a worship conference just this last week lead by leaders and musicians from another church, it was open to all (not just musicians/worship team) although there were breakout sessions for leaders/all age worship/PA etc during the day. It was the most fantastic day, so good to learn what your peers are doing in different churches (especially when you don't get much opportunity to visit other churches as we're generally busy on a Sunday!).

The following sunday we experience some of the most uplifiting worship for a while, I'm sure in no small part because of the day we'd had before.

Oh, yes..we can learn a whole bunch of great stuff from observing others! If any of you get a chance check out IHOP K.C. Prayer Room!
I love to learn from other Worship Leaders. It is sad that worship leaders as well as pastors can fall in areas of pride, even destroying other, younger, potential leaders. I remember once a well known worship leader, and recording artist said that he envied my voice and them proceeded to leave me out of any lead vocals, and eventually eased me out of the worship team. How sad, as he was really incredible. At best I am average, but filled with the Holy Spirit I can do all things, even sound half way decent. But that is God, not me, cause even my wife will tell you that I ain't really that good! I am the one that everyone asks what my mom did with the money for my singing lessons. Now, at a relative old age of 62 I still am blessed to lead worship. I have to transpose everything down 4 half steps and sing songs that are 2 octaves or less, but Praise God, He still uses me, and I am so blessed because of it. I so love to worship the Lord, and even more so with other believers and worship leaders.
I pray God will continue to use you here on Earth and in Heaven.
As in the secular world, you see both cases.......I have seen leaders who are impressed with themselves and do not seek to continue to learn and exchange, as well as those that learn and exchange with personal opinion is that those that do not are following a man and not a vision.......but those that follow the vision are so much more blessed......

we had a christian concert come through our church a few years ago.....some of those people who were up there on stage had a TOTAL different persona offstage.......I could not believe that they actually had the gall to go up there, sing praises to God, then come offstage and be the most prideful, self-concerned individuals....

guess we just have to take each person on their own merit, and develope relationships with those of like mind....



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