I've seen some churches that post their Sunday set list on social media during the week so the congregation knows what songs are being sung on Sunday. I can see both pros and cons to this. Any of you doing this? What kind of results / responses have you had?

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No. We do post the sermon topic, and post the sermon afterwards but no streaming. Attracting and retaining musicians is hard once they see what we do. Dittoes for tech people. When you have a large older contingent, you hear a great deal of, "What could we possibly need that for?"

We do not post setlists ahead of time, though I do email them out to the band early in the week.  Part of the reason we don't is that we generally do the songs in different keys / different song structure (might drop a verse or something) than the youtube videos, and posting our own recordings of the songs is probably outside our license.  Anything that takes more than three minutes to sing "live" is going to get shortened one way or another...

We do have a "media" page on the church website where we post links to youtube videos of some of the songs in our active repertoire, but I've let it get sadly out of date - plus, as before, youtube videos don't usually match the way we do the songs...


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