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Here is a new song from a service a few weeks ago called "Down Your Love Came". 

See the sound clip at https://soundcloud.com/joshuahalls/down-your-love-came

Down Your Love Came
Words & Music by Joshua Halls 2017

CCLI# 7084507

Verse 1 & 2

Bb         Eb

Son of God, Spotless Lamb

Bb         Eb 

Crucified for fallen man

Gm                    Eb

The Saviour of the world

Bb         Eb 

You left your throne, for my place

Bb         Eb 

For my failure, your blood bought grace

Gm                        Eb

The Savior of the world



Down your love came, 


And brought the dead to life


And then the chains fell off


And darkness turned to light


Now every heart sings

Eb                                            Bb    Eb 

Of the day your love came down


Bb         Eb

We were bound, held by sin

Bb         Eb

Then your love came, crashing in

Gm                    Eb

And mercy’s floodgates, Fling open

Gm - - F  |  Eb   (rpt)


Eb                Bb

Hallelujah, it is finished

Gm                       Eb

Sin has lost and death is defeated

Eb                           Bb

Join the anthem, sound the chorus

Gm                                     Eb

For he’s the Savior of the world



Down your love came, 

Eb       Bb

And brought the dead to life

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Probably more of a slower, "soaking" song than we would use at our church, but that's just me.

Reading the lyric through at first, the chorus felt rather disconnected to me, that feeling of a bunch of worship lyrics strung together.  Listening, it struck me that it might work better if it was written so that the focus was still on the moment of the crucifixion, and the other stuff was explained more as "why" stuff that was going to happen as a result... umm,

Down your love came / To bring the dead to life

To shake the chains off / To turn the dark to light...

In that first set of verses, should it be "in my place" rather than "for my place" ?

I like checking out your songs - was catching up on our CCLI reporting today and reported using "Take Me Away."  This one didn't strike me as fitting in to the kind of service we have.

Thanks for your feedback Charles. As always. very much appreciated. Bless you!

Hey Joshua!   If you are looking for song feedback prior to making a polished recording and registration on CCLI, you should consider the Nashville Christian Songwriters group on facebook.  Look it up.  I have always enjoyed the one dependable critique that I get here from Charles. But it became a little tiresome to give everyone feedback here with almost no-one willing to return the favor.  Much better give and take on the NCS group.  But don't go there and share songs that you have all polished up and copyrighted - its not about show and tell there but getting feedback to improve before finishing your song.  Anyway, that's all I'm gonna say here.


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