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I am looking at some ideas for a theme for this year.  I have two songs that we could build on, Matt Maher's Because He Lives, and Kari Jobe's Forever.  I knew last year I wanted to include Forever into our set list for this year.  Pastor likes the theme Forever.  But I'm not sure if that would be a good theme, we have never sung this song in the congregation and I am having a hard time seeing this as a worship song that the congregation really participates in.  I think the theme song should be something we can sing as a congregation.  Maybe I just am thinking too inside the box.  So, my question to all of you.  Has anyone done this song as a congregation?  And how did it go?  I can see them joining in the Hallelujah part.  But not sure about the rest.  I appreciate your thoughts.  Thanks!

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Kari Jobe's -  Forever, is congregational. Just have to watch you don't start off too slow. The lyrics are awesome & people can identify with the message. 

Be encouraged to try it.

I've got a song for you to consider. I'll post it on my page. "Lord of All". 

Simple arrangement & chords. I wrote it for an Easter service.


Des Sharp.  Thank you for your input.  I will look at the possibilities a bit better with the Forever song and maybe I'll try it sooner than later.  You are a male vocalist, did you have a female vocalist do this song, did you change to key to better suit your voice...men's voices...etc.   And I listened to your song, well done.  I like it.  It might be a consideration as I continue praying about all this. Thanks again! 

okay, so I found this youtube video with a large congregation using Forever.  Male vocal worship leader.  Looks doable.  I also noticed he changed a bit of the rhythm style to accommodate the average church member.  Well done, very worshipful.


Maybe it will work after all.  :)

A little old, but here are some other ideas from a forum discussion a few years back:



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