Well everyone is in final days of preparation and rehearsals for the biggest church weekend of the year! Please share your set lists for Easter Sunday and also Good Friday if you'd like. It's always cool to see what other people are doing. :)

I'm now a part of the team at Citipointe Northern Colorado, which is the first USA plant from the main Citipointe Church in Brisbane, Australia. Most of what we do is music from Citipointe Live, although other songs are sprinkled in. Easter Sunday morning though is all Citipointe...

Heaven's Alive
New Heart (Chains No More)
Image Of Love
If Not For Love

We don't have a Good Friday service, but are doing a big musical presentation twice on Saturday.

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For Easter Sunday, more songs than usual this week:

Prelude: "First Polaroid in Palestine" (a song about the Shroud of Turin) (maybe or maybe not)

Opening Set: Jesus Messiah (segue into) Open Up the Heavens

Before Sermon: Dwell With You (original)

After Sermon: I Will Rise

Offering Special: It Was Finished (2013, Tim Hughes, just discovered this one and not expecting very much of the band at rehearsal tonight, so it'll be exciting)

Communion Litany: Pastor found a song to the music of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" - she'll sing the one verse, then congregation sings the "Hallelujah (4x)" chorus.  I'm not a big fan of the piece, but all I have to do is play guitar.

During Communion: I Love You Lord

Outro Song: Lord I Lift Your Name on High (we do this one every Easter, then mostly pack it away for another year)

Postlude: Walk Out Into the World (we don't normally do a postlude, but pastor asked for something since she's hoping we'll have a big crowd and it will take a while for them to exit.  Another original, but we use this one for our outro song a lot).

Good Friday is just the traditional service choir.

I see Citipointe has a lot of stuff on youtube, I'll give it a listen when I get a chance... do you write any songs in your own congregation, or is it all from Australian HQ?

Oops, that "It Was Finished" song is by Bryan and Katie Torwalt, part of the Jesus Culture conglomerate.  We worked on it for a while last night, we'll be speeding it up mightily from a slow "worshipful" song to something midtempo, country-ish.  It'll still be exciting.  Also still working on slipping some "April Fools" things into the MediaShout show for the week.

In response to Citipointe... the musical outlet called Citipointe Live was started by Aaron & Becky Lucas. They were the main worship leaders there in Australia for many years. Becky is the daughter of the main pastors in Australia. Aaron is from Colorado. There is a team of songwriters there in AUS and Aaron Lucas is one of the main writers and leaders, even after having come here to Colorado. He went back to Australia for a while when they recorded their last CD, which just came out last month, "Mover Of Mountains". It's really good!

There's a number of songwriters here on the team in Colorado so we're talking about working on our own material here on this end and doing our own CDs. We shall see. :)


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