Anyone got any over the top worship songs?  Looking for something really awesome.  what are you guys all doing?

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Hi Brian,


I guess it all depends on what you consider awesome.  What type of material do you use now?  Are you looking for something in the popular contemp worship style or something a bit off the beaten path?  Being in Nashville, are you looking for something with a hint of c/w?

something contemporary and moving but filled with Biblical truth.  something strong.  firm.  triumphant but not corny.  :-)

hi brian,


can i recommend


if you look at the free to download songs on there, songs like 'Come see the son, by Joel payne, 'Let us kneel at calvary by sam hargreaves and 'Jesus Christ GOds son' are all awesome biblical contemporary songs about easter.


happy hunting!


God bless,


Can you read a piano-vocal score?  I have some songs that might answer to your call, but I'm recording-and-pdf-challanged at this end (might need to mail them to you).  How complex can your congregation go?

Thanks.  Yeah, I'd like to keep it fairly simple and straight ahead. - B

One that has gone down well with us in the last couple of years is 'Happy Day' by Tim Hughes.  Even better if you can get a good electric guitarist to play the riff! 



The Power of the Cross - by Getty and Townend

Christ is Risen - Matt Maher

Is that the wonderful remake of the old hymn?  If so, it is utterly awesome, refreshing, joyful and just plain good.  You have to find the right key for your congregation, though (depends on whether they like singing an octave down from the lead or going with him/her.  Also, has it been long enough that the Easter Song (second chapter of Acts) is new again?  Extraordinarily powerful, simple, yet unique.
A couple years ago we did a dolled up version of Charlie Halls "Mystery".   It's slow build into the final "Christ has died, and Christ has risen, Christ will come again" chorus has a very triumphant feel to it.  In fact we also created this video sync, that played over the last minute and a half or something, of a time lapse video of the sun rise so that it peaked just as we started the crescendo .  It was sweet.
I love "Revelation Song" by Phillips, Craig and Dean.  That one builds magnificently.  We used it last Palm Sunday, I think!  I like Keri Jobe's version, too.
i say this every year, but "the wonder of your cross" by robin mark is outstanding! it is the last song on his revival in belfast 2 cd. check it out on youtube, man. you won't be disappointed! i believe he is actually down in nashville as we speak. i'm going to go check his website


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