Was in a Christian bookstore in Nashville the other day.  They had on quiet easy listening instrumental versions of Christian hymns and songs.  One of these was "My Jesus, I love thee".

It irritated me at the time and now I think I know why.  The words of this hymn are very serious and should, in my opinion, be sung seriously and prayerfully as part of our worship and self-offering to God. Turning that into easy listening that is just "nice" seemed to devalue the depth of this wonderful old hymm.

What do others think?

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I'm with you on that; I love the Amy Grant version of that song (upbeat country) except for one aspect - the music doesn't reflect the lyrics at all.  I am not necessarily saying all hymns need to be serious, but the lyrics of each song should be considered when writing arrangements.
Not sure if I can agree or disagree as a general rule as music is so subjective to begin with.  Doing ANYTHING as a quiet easy listening instrumental would probably be a turn-off for me personally as I don't like the style.  On the other hand, we'll regularly change up hymns and other worship songs to fit who we seem to be as a team and congregation.  Just today we had a fairly conservative 65 or so year old guest speaker come up afterwards and specifically thank us for our inspired playing after changing up It Is Well and How Great Thou Art to a more rocking style with wailing sax lines.  I think it has to do more with easy listening, much country, and much CCM being quite 'passionless' instead of changing up the style.


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