Hey all!  This topic has probably already been covered but I couldn't find it.  I'm sorry if this is a repeat of another thread.  

anyway, I'm needing some advice/input/ideas about what equipment is good for recording and mixing songs.  we have quite a few original songs and want to get them recorded.  I have a PC, not a Mac.  I would like a  recorder with at least six tracks.

anything you can tell me would help, a lot!

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Thanks! That looks like a good app!
I agree with most of the folks here. I have tried with my laptop and get some pretty good recordings with a Sampson USB mike. But it is so much more accurate mixing on my Tascam 8 track. I think the main difference is what I hear in the headphones for sound on sound mixing/ adding tracks to existing tracks. It is way more precise.
I have also heard that people have very good success with Macbook laptops....but as you said, you are PC like me. Someone asked at ChristianSongwiters forum, What would be the best software to get for a laptop? Most people were in agreement that it was not 'which software?'......but to get a MacBook.
If you buy a lower cost USB, Firewire or other audio interface, often times it comes with Cubase LE or other recording software that will get the job done.

Something like this:


or this:

Here are two worth looking at:

Boss BR800


If I was buying my small unit today, it would be this instead of a BR600

Cakewalk V Studio


Really cool idea, it can stand alone or be your interface to a software program.
Andy...I have been looking at this Mbox with Pro-tools that you linked. This looks really great. One question/ maybe two? This does not need Mac? Do you think it is better quality than using the Mac with Garage band or Logic express?
Just to insert another experience, I hate software recording programs. To be sure, it's takes some work, and the flexibility is excellent. But the learning curve is steep and for me, it's much more trouble than it's worth. I do agree about all the positive attributes, I just find them too complex for what I do.
Hi Andy. I actually went last week to purchase this unit and the salesperson asked what OS I had. I told him I still had Vista and he said it would work with 32 bit but not 64...I do have 32 bit. Then we looked at he 'version' of Vista I had, and it said 'Home' and 'Home premium' were 'untested'. I have been considering upgrading to Windows 7, and we looked at Mbox updated tech site, and there was no information about Windows 7 whatsoever...as if Windows 7 has not even existed for more than a year. So the only way I can be assured it will work is to pay $$$ to downgrade to XP.....but that would be retarded since I intend to eventually upgrade windows. So...this device in my conclusion is obsolete. I need to just wait until I can afford a Mac, or stop being lazy and use my Tascam studio. I very much appreciate youir trying to help. Thanks, Robert
I haven't seen this mentioned yet, so my suggestion is Reaper free and fully functional demo. Really cheap if you want to continue for non commercial recording. All you then need is an audio interface capable of the number of channels that you want to record simultaneously. I have a nice little Lexicon Alpha which gives me 2 channels and can take line in, instrument in and mic in. That range goes up to the Omega which can take 2 mics, 4 line and 1 instrument as well as MIDI. There are other similar size units from the likes of Edirol and M-Audio that don't break the bank.


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