The Maxon/Ibanez Tubescreamer circuit has been around since the late seventies. No new electronic concepts were present in the design except in combination of plainly accessible op amp "cookbook" elements. Any patents dealing with the original circuit have become public domain, as 20 years is the typical limit for solely profiting from a patent. The U.S. had a 17 year patent term until 1995, when new patents were granted a 20 year term. The point is, after a patent expires, the content is public domain and usable without penalty. Modifying the original circuit to create a derivative, therefore, no longer requires permission from the originator. So, what ethical considerations are there in using these circuits to create one's own devices for personal use? Many of the variations which have emerged in the boutique overdrive pedal market are trivial modifications to the original circuit. How much consideration do we give to the vendor of a pedal who has modified a public domain circuit in a simple way, regardless of whether this produces a revolutionary audible result? Circuit in question:

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That kind of makes you a troll. What other reason did you have for joining this forum?

Hi Terry. I understand why you're doing this, but I wonder how, if either Stevo or I were to buy a pedal, how you would convince the Marcmart you were responsible for getting us to buy?

And not wishing to be rude, but strictly speaking Stevo IS correct, since you joined and posted for this purpose. I don't know your background, but maybe you're a Christian and would fit right in here?

So sorry for the bother.That policy is actually actractive.But I am a saler who are play guitar,too.Just join the forum for music.The free pedal is a little thing for me.Make friends and enjoy music advance.

So let's hear it.

 - re-threading the compressor discussion...for Greg and Toni.

I tried a CS3 and it was horribly noisy and just bad sounding all around. Even after the Monte Allums mod, it was bad. It didn't really add all that much sustain and injected a lot of ugly high end content. You basically completely lose your signal as with any Boss pedal, but even more so here.

I've done a couple of the Allums mods for kicks and found that his claimed "superior ear" was anything but. In most cases, I reversed the mod because it made things sound worse. Especially the CE2 mods. What a wast.

The CS3 had two different VCA chips - DBX1252 or THAT2159 and I had the latter one. CS2 used something completely different - Roland's BA662A. I'm guessing they were trying for something special and still think they achieved it.

The Ross/Keeley/MXR used the venerable CA3080. And I don't know why NOS matters, but that's what Keeley uses. Perhaps it's because the older ones have more consistent specs and he doesn't have to spend a bunch of time selecting them out.


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