"Truly excellent music

has a special ability

to leap fences of

cultural, ethnic and

religious hostility."

         -  attributed to Sophie Davenport

             Linguica, PA


What is "excellence",

how is it obtained,

and what do you think of the statement above?







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Some music may survive even this strange era of classifying music ("classical" / "new age" / "rock" / "disco" / "Nashville")  Anybody out there get tired of classifying and just want to make music?

There are two kinds of music what you like and what you don't (Duke Ellington).


I believe a journalist asked Louis Armstrong why he liked Jazz.  He replied "if you have to ask then you'll never know".


I have heard such excellent music that just left me cold mostly the singers voices are so trained there's no emotion in their songs.  

I have heard inspired not so good  musicians deliver a song with real meaning.

All musicians are trained; all through listening and imitating, some through self-training (pickin' at it till it sounds good) and others at schools (pickin' at it till the teacher's happy).  School training at its best gives you the ability to sing freely so the emotion that's inside you will communicate, and it intends to give you a heart for other people's music and cultures, so you can relate to all people.  Unfortunately, we've heard too many trained musicians who seem to be still trying to please their teachers instead of relating to the audience or congregation.

The Duke's comment makes it plain that you can never get an entire congregation to like anything!  But I'll venture to make an exception.  When we make music in the love of Jesus and with the love of fellow man, even those that don't like a particular song or style will be warmed by the Spirit of God, and the music will have a good effect.


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