Hi friends,

We are in a time as a church that we are calling Revival meetings. We started with a month of worship March 2008 and since then we have had meetings nightly - apart from Mondays.

We have seen around 1800 saved and many many healed each night.

It seems to have been going around the same time as the Florida Revival meetings with Todd Bentley.

I'm interested to know if your church is experiencing anything simular and how that is for you?


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Hi Mike,

Yes, we are still experiencing the same things.

As a church we have a massive vision for impacting society and have in-roads into every area of society, we have something called 7 giants which include things like media for instance. We also have a long term church vision which is our overall vision: London and the world for Christ.

As far as I know, revival can only be stirred by God, how does reformation come? Surely not by church programs? (This is a serious question - I have no clue!) How is your church moving towards reformation and should this exclude revival or can there be both do you think?

Hi Mike,

thanks for that. It sounds like both our Pastor's have an apostalic call :-) (At least I think it's apostles that have this kind of vision)

I guess the giants/mountains are long term or art least sounds liek that when we talk about trasining education and destiny.....I don;t know.

Personally my heart is to see people transformed in God's presence and then being empowered to go out and touch the world like Jesus did- every day people :-) from the smallest to the greatest- salt and light.

All God's best!

That is so awesome Jo. A quick question, though, and not meant to be critical in any way, but how is the health and family relationships of the people involved in running these daily meetings? Even after all the success and salvations as a result of the Florida revival, it still resulted in Todd's sin and ultimate marriage breakdown, which many believe happened as a result of being away from his family for so long, and many other people involved are now suffering health issues and broken family relationships because of the constant "need" to minister without a break. As a Senior Pastor I have made the decision that my own family will always come before my Church family, and if my commitments with my church prevent me from spending time with my wife and children, then I will back off from my commitments, because ultimately my role as a father and the Godly upbringing of my children is far more important than anything else in my life.
Hi Shaun,

thanks so much for your comment- it is a very valid one.

I'm really glad to hear of the decision you have made- for me it is sad that so few Pastor's make that decision. I am the daughter of a Pastor and I have to say that my biggest block to following God was 'The ministry'. And actually, the Pastors I know now (many of them) work at a more ridiculous rate than my parents EVER did!

Well, you probably know that most leaders (not senior) will never admit to it being too much, but there are signs in big ministries that i have seen of as you say sickness. Unfortunately these things are not my call :-)

If you have a look at my profile you will see i have put some comments on there regarding my own walk right now. I am not a Pastor but I am(was?) a leader in the Pastor's wifes team, this month I stepped out of all public minsitry to focus on me. Although this may sound selfish please believe me when I say that it is my need for the Lord that called for this- not laziness o being super-spiritual. 9I am happy to tell you more about this but maybe not on this page! LOL)

Revival is important, but Ifor it can be difficult to understand why only new souls are important- didn't Jesus die so we can be 'reconciled to God?' All of us? Because he wants to restore the first relationship as it was with Adam? I think God wants more children but also that he wants the children he has too :-) Ahhh well, that's my thinking anyway.....:-)

Revival is great! reformation is great! Keeping close to the Lord is also great!

I think we are talking about balancing arn't we?.........................


Thanks for the honest reply Jo. What you have gone through as a Pastor's kid, and the dozens of other Pastor's kids I have known over the last 20 years who have since left the church, is the very reason why I made the decision to always put my family first. I would hate for my kids to grow up thinking that every single person in the church was more important to their dad than they were.

I think you have done the right thing stepping out for a while. I know you've probably heard this many times, but even God rested on the seventh day, and Jesus often withdrew from the crowds so he could rest and spend time alone.

I may be treading on some toes here, but I also agree with you regarding the inbalance in the church. The Great Commission is a very vital part of our Christianity, but, you know what, I don't think it is THE most important thing. The majority of the New Testament, particularly the Letters of Paul, are about our own relationship with God. Very little of his writings exhorts us to evangelise. In my own church we place an emphasis on helping each person grow in the knowledge of God and His Word, and in living victorious lives through Jesus' finished work on the cross. That way they are well equipped to go out and become witnesses for Christ one-on-one through relationship. I see so many Pastors whose sole focus is getting people saved, and as a result they have a church of spiritually weak "milk-feeders" who simply don't know how to live a fulfilled and victorious life through Jesus.
thanks Shaun,

My heart is happy to hear these things being said by a Pastor :-)

There are many things i could say but I won't......

Just that I pray that more and more Pastor's would feel free from guilt and move out of that place of 'works' themselves and into acceptance in the Fathers love.

As for me, I'm going to try my hardest to stay truthful about who I am and continually ask God to remain real to me- VERY real. I don't want to serve church - I want to serve God (as my primary goal) and do it from the heart. God has been merciful to me and did not give up on me, which is why I am here. I am so amazed by the discoveries I am making about relationship with God every day! Sometimes I almost want to go back to my parents and ask them: Did you know Jesus was like THIS? Because I never heard their testimony of the relationship side of God. It's great to know him.

Thank you for taking time to speak to me :-)


Thanks Justin,

where does your church find itself? Does it feel like nothing much is moving? Or can you see the freshness of the Kingdom of God as you look at what God is doing?




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