What are your favorite songs for Easter? What's your favorite slow? Up tempo? Worship song?


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Some of my favorite songs for the Easter season include the following:

There Is A Fountain (hymn)
There Is A Redeemer (Melody Green, I think)
Behold The Lamb
The Victor (from the 70's musical The Witness)
Rise Again (Dallas Holm)
Oh to see the dawn, and See what a morning (Resurrection Hymn), When I survey, At the foot of the cross, Up from the grave he arose, It is finished, .......and more...
Rise Again (Dallas Holm)
He's Alive (Don Francisco)
He Is Alive (from the 70's cantata Celebrate Life)
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (hymn)
Love Don Francisco's He's Alive. We used this song a couple of years ago in our Easter program.

Also like Arise My Love.
This is hard - I sing "Easter music" all year.

I'm weary of "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" musically. The people who visit just for Easter must think we do that song every week!

love "At the Foot of the Cross" (K. Scott) and "The Cross" (C. Hall) and want to see if the team can wrap around Annie Herrings "Easter Song" but that may not happen this year.

I have my favorite femals soloist listening to the "The Look" from sovereign Grace Music's CD titles "Songs for a Cross Centered Life".

Meanwhile I'm trying to learn "Sweetly Broken" by Jeremy Riddle. What an awesome song.

A lot of these are actually more "Good Friday" music, it occurs to me.
Check out "loving eyes" I wrote a few years back, Great Easter song!
Thine be the glory
Jesus Christ is ris'n today
Oh, to see the dawn
He lives! he lives! (God sent his Son)
A lot of good ones already listed...but a new one for us this year will be The Anthem by the Planetshakers. We are looking at doing a skit with it having someone as Mary, Mary Magdelene, Roman soldier who witnessed Jesus death all share their testomony and have them sing words to the song and build off of each other.
Does anyone still sing Graham Kendrick's 'Led like a lamb' (You're alive)? I think it's still effective after all these years.
Hallelujah he is Coming
It Might be Today
Once Again
The Love of a Savior
This isn't really an "easter song", but more of a Good Friday song...fits the time of the year though. Third Day's "Thief". Powerful lyrics. :-) Don't get to play it too often but when we do I always love it.
up tempo: Happy Day! Gotta love that one!
My Savior Lives (desperation band/New Life worship)
I've Found Jesus (delirious???)

slower: In Christ Alone (Getty/Townend)

(I love "Rise Again" and "He's Alive" as well - was raised on songs like these. In fact, if I had been a boy, my middle name would have been "Dallas" b/c Dallas Holmes was so influential in my parent's faith as they came back to the Lord.)


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