What are your favorite songs for Easter? What's your favorite slow? Up tempo? Worship song?


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we did an EASTER Musical and the people stood up for this song O MIGHTY CROSS
words & music by David Baroni, John Chisim
arranged by Tom Fetike
Jesus did it ALL on THE CROSS
For All You've Done
At the Cross
My Saviour Lives!

We did Travis Cottrell's "Alive" three years ago and then repeated it last year, b/c it's SO powerful.


We also like "My redeemer lives" by Hillsong United.  It rocks and we do it year after year!!!

i love "the wonder of your cross" by robin mark! extremely powerful. you have to check it out on youtube or wherever.
Wow!!! I checked  it out and it is fabulous. I was looking for a closing song for Good Friday service and I think this is it! Now to learn it......
i told you!!  Make sure your hear the 9min + version...  so powerful!


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