Feedback needed...Would the men be able to worship with this song? Song based on Mary who anointed Jesus' feet.

I've never used this in congregational worship for I always wondered how the men would respond to this song. Would appreciate any feedback.

Song title: Mary's Song
Text: Luke 7:37 And behold, a woman in the city who was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at the table in the Pharisees house, brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil, 38 and stood at His feet behind Him weeping; and she began to wash His feet with her tears, and wiped them with the hair of her head; and she kissed His feet and anointed them with the fragrant oil. (NKJV)

I will wet Your feet with my tears
I will wipe it dry with my hair
I'll anoint Your feet
With everything that's precious to me
Broken for You
Poured out as a sacrifice
May it be a fragrant offering of worship to You

I will lay down my glory
As I worship at Your feet
I will lay down my glory as I kiss Your feet
All that matters, Lord, is that You be glorified
I will lay my glory at Your feet

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To be honest, I'd have problems with it, if only for lack of hair! I don't think I could do much drying.....

I expect it has its place though.... do you get chance to lead at any women-only events, for example?
Daniel, you funny man, you made my day, actually gave me tears laughing. (:

Esther, I do not think I would have a problem, a little of the feminine side is good in a man.

This song is absolutely spot on! It has genuine anointing that only happens when a song is written out of true revelation and relationship, rather than out of theory or religion.

The passage of Mary anointing Jesus' feet is one of the best examples of worship in the Bible - it is a perfect example of "proskuneo" worship. I have spoken on it many times. It should make no difference what sex you are, if you can't pour out everything at Jesus' feet, there's a problem!
It's a beautiful song, Esther, and I would have no problem with the chorus, but since it's "Mary's" song, the verse is very specific. Maybe what you could do, since you're the author, is write a second verse that mirrors the first but make the words more inclusive. That way the first verse could be sung solo and then the congregation can join in for the second verse.

Written as is, I think it, oh wait, let me put that in parenthesis (I think) it might not work for every congregation since lyrically it is pretty specific in it's content. Too many bald men in church. lol
I'm really surprised that people think the hair thing may be an issue - and I speak as someone with less hair than any of you! It's all about the Spirit behind the song. Honestly, it really blew me away, purely because it has been written out of genuine intimacy with God.

In Greek, the word "worship" is "proskuneo," literally meaning to move towards God, and to kiss Him. As I said earlier, this passage is such a perfect example of true worship, and indeed, Mary of Bethany is one of the best examples of a Biblical worshiper.

It's nothing to do with Mary, or what Mary did, or how much hair she had - It's all about the Spirit behind her actions. As worship leaders, it is our job to lead people into the same intimacy that Mary had. I would definitely have this song sung in my church above a lot of other songs that are out there.

Incidentally, I consider myself a "man's man" (lol!) and I hate the feminisation of the church, and the call that is upon God's people. But this song is not feminine at all - it talks of a place that we should be able to get to, regardless of gender.

You need to be a bit careful with your word "proskuneo" - there is more than one sort of kiss in Middle Eastern culture, and there's no particular reason it should include romantic, emotional connotations (rather, it is more likely to be a formal kiss, from the lesser person to the greater - the way a slave might kiss the hand of his master in obedience; it is clearly the "worship" word in the New Testament, reserved for God alone). The same word is used in Matthew 2:11 (Kings worship child Jesus), Matthew 9:18 (synagogue ruler worships Jesus); Matthew 14:33 (Disciples worship Jesus), and so on...... in none of these cases does it seem to carry the meaning of intimate worship you are trying to force on it (I'd recommend "Salvation's Song" by Marcus Green for a fuller explanation).

And, I know plenty of men who do struggle with lyrics like these (and, also, plenty who don't).
Nooooo! Not the kiss subject again... Is it sloppy and wet?
Sorry, Stevo, not been around here long. Has it been done before?

There was a long discussion about a song that talks about God's love being like a sloppy wet kiss. Quite a bit of discussion ensued.
...and there was the one with the 'w' word!
Oh man.


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