I wonder how you deal with this issue or what your thoughts are on it:

Leading worship when you feel rubbish? Maybe you feel un-spiritual, or not on fire enough, or not enthusiastic about being in the meeting! Bored? Wondering if you are doing a good job? What things have helped you go forward and how have you grown so you no longer are stumped by these kind of things?

I'm really interested to hear your thoughts - especially those of you that have been leading for a while.


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One of my favorite quotes by G.K. Chesterton goes something like "God can strike a straight blow with a crooked stick." These are times when we really rely on God to move in spite of us. I wrote a blog along this very subject called "More Water Anyone?". It's on my page and on my website if you're interested.

Hi Joanne, I've only been leading worship for a year now but, I've been part of a worship team for several and I have experienced what your are feeling (and occasionally still do) on several occasions. The thing that has helped me the most I believe is something a fellow worshiper shared with me a couple of years back. He told me ",,,the thing we need to realize is it's not our worthiness that brings us b4 the throne it is HIS." Recently I was listening to Greg Laurie ( don't know if spelled last name right) and he said something that really drove this point home to me "...remember, on our best best day we were or are never good enough." That is why "... while we were yet sinners Christ died for us." So it really is all about HIM. Hope this helps. Blessings, Jerry
"...remember, on our best best day we were or are never good enough." This is something I so totally agree with. Sometimes I am awed by how simple it is. We get up there, sing a few songs, and God works. God somehow sees our meager offerings as fit for his use, channels for blessing the people he loves so deeply.

I don't think I'll ever get over this sense of magic. Maybe that's why I love the worship ministry so much! :)
If you believe the Apostle Paul when he writes "when I am weak, then I am strong", then you could look at it from the point of view that your worst Sundays will probably be your best.

Always, always be aware that God in you makes the difference. I remember a preacher saying that everytime he makes his way up to the platform to preach, that with each step the enemy reminds him of every failure he ever had. But he stands up and preaches anyway, and God uses it. He will do that with our music as well.

Be encouraged! You're challenging the enemy in his own territory - you don't think he's going to take that sitting down, do you?
Thanks Guys,

all very good reminders. Feelings are a funny thing...

I was listening to a podcastr by TD Jakes called 'grace fpr change' and I realised soemthing - jsut because we FEEL something, doesn;t mean it should drive our decisions. Our decisions maybe need to be removed from how we feel and based on what we KNOW. for me I mean HIS promises- his word.

I think I have forgotten that truth in it's realist sense. May God help us all to have the strtength and courage to rise above feelings to what we know to be truth.

Lots of love Guys


Rick is so right, there have been Sundays when I've felt let's just let this be over so I can sit down, and people would comment after wards how blessed they were, leaving me wondering if we had attended the same service. So you are right Jo we truly can't judge things on feelings alone. Someone told me once, feelings aren't right or wrong they just are that, feelings, it's how we act or react to them that determines the right or wrong aspect. If we judge them in the light of Gods word and by faith base our determinations and decisions based on His truth our feelings (I believe) will fall into proper perspective. So, you go Jo !
I love the Chesterton quote Al! There aren't too many more crooked sticks than me!

Over the years I've had many less than stellar days when everything in me wants to be anywhere than on the platform. But it's those times I've learned that are the true offering God is seeking from me - a sacrifice of a broken heart, the crucifixion of a rebellious spirit, the shattering of a proud thought... When I purposefully bend my fleshly will to God's insistent call, God is glorified. When I thought we havea "train wreck" on the platform those would be the very same moments someone would share were the most meaningful for them, that God had really moved in their hearts, etc. Other times I thought, "Man, this is soooo good," would garner littler response from the people. I've come to recognize that those moments are actuallly for me as a worshipper - times when God has ministered to me through me, if you will.

Since I've been leading for 20+ years, I think I can safely say that those "feeling like rubbish" times don't go totally away. Lots of factors can bring us to those places, but God can always use them to teach us and grow us. Don't throw them away, Jo!
Gerald- thank you. I won't even share some of the things I have felt recently but it is SO unusual for me to be discouraged in worship that I had to ask how others experience this.

Olive- thank you for bringing your experience to this! It shows me that if I cannot rely on always feeling 'ready to take on the world' then I need to change my attitude and approach. I feel guilty for how i 'feel' when it is not that that determines anything- unless I let it!

Appreciate you guys!

Love Jo

thanks Justin,

that was helpful to hear. :-)

Being 'arrested' by mood is a new thing for me in relation to worship- never used to happen.

Listening to you, i was thinking that maybe sometimes something new comes up because a part of how we are needs to change. Maybe i wasn't doing it in worship but maybe in life- and God is 'bringing it to my attention' Because this whole discussion has started me thinking about whether I am relying on feelings in some other areas & God is now calling me to account as it were- because he knows I'm now at a stage in life where I CAN grow past that now.

it's a thought.

Thanks for being so open about your own journey- appreciate it.



Thank you Jo, for bringing this up.....I think we all wrestle with this from time to time. Within the last couple months I think I went from leading the best service of my life to probably the blah-est.....quite a crash and burn! I was never able to put my finger on why, but I got pretty un-nerved and it was hard to go back up there. But nevertheless...you pray like crazy and do it anyways, trusting the Lord to move in spite of the way you feel.

There have also been a few times that the reason for the blahness was simply, I was sick. The second time I ever led worship, I came down with something the night before and spent the whole night with fever and chills, not a wink of sleep! I practically crawled into the church at 6:30 a.m. very sick, got thru rehearsal, and then when the first service started, I started to feel better and better till I wasn't sick at all. I think the anointing just chased away that illness. It was a lesson to me that I dont need to fear illness or blah-ness- God will cover it. He's an amazing God- trust Him!
I agree with all of the things that people have shared here. I'm glad that He is the maker of our hearts and he knows what to do when we're not right with Him. I've been in 7 different worship teams in the 22 years I've been saved. (We've moved from city to city and state to state.) The main thing that helps me is knowing my heart is prepared for the service, spending time in prayer. The feeelings vary for many reasons like everyone here has shared, but if I know I'm going into the service prayed up, that at least helps me to focus on Him. I hope someday, to be able to do a class on corporate worship. The Bible has so many things in it relating to what the words praise and worship mean, and I wonder how many people have learned them. Does anyone have any feedback on this?
I often find that on the days when things are going the worst -- when we really don't feel like visiting that sick or old person, when we really don't feel in the right place with God to be upfront, when we feel too tired to go to church... that is when God does His greatest works in and through us. I think that the devil anticipates the good that God is planning to accomplish in & through us & he deliberately tries to get us down. But we just have to press on in that moment, choose to act on God's will for us instead of how our flesh feels at the time & offer a sacrifice of worship all for the Glory of God. When we step back from these times we see that what came out of it was actually a mountaintop experience or achievement for Him. He has called us to worship Him & to disciple others to him & we need to focus on this & not on ourselves & our feelings sometimes. I find that a lot of the time when I go out to do something for someone else, I am actually blessed in the process & that is God's working. We bless others with what God has given us & in turn He blesses us. Blessed to be a blessing.

In our weakness - He is our strength. We are merely vessels for Him & need to place extra trust in Him in these times & surrender ourselves to Him so that He can work in & through us. As soon as we put "self" aside, He is put on the throne of our lives & He is glorified.


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