I lead worship in a military town. Obviously we have some manly men in our church. I really would like to do a few songs but simply can't because of their feminization. Like for instance:

Beautiful One-can you see a man calling Jesus beautiful
At the foot of the Cross-Kathryn Scott-"Trade these ashes in for beauty
And wear forgiveness like a crown
Coming to kiss the feet of mercy"
Hungry-"Jesus your all this heart is living for"

I think you get the point. What do you guys think?

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so God will be the only man in heaven ... no birds and no women, shucks. Don't tell that to Mormons and Muslims or else we'll never convert them ...
Stevo reno,

I believe that not all women are birds, some don't even desire heaven, they are hell-raisers. No joke, even though I laugh at them. Yes, I agree with you that we will be like angels of God in heaven, that is in the gospels, "At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven." Matthew 22:30

We have gender identity silly and I completely disagree with you about God, he is not metaphorical, he is Holy, True and very, very real.
Michael - if you really look back at the songs that are mentioned here, I'm not thinking they're all that feminine. I'm all for men as men and women as women, but to answer the original post, check out the songs. Mostly they're just vulnerable, not feminine.
Some songs are feminine and many women are vulnerable. Let's make sure we are not taking advantage of that vulnerability as responsible men who are born to protect them from sin and evil.

Want to help Jesus destroy the wicked? Man up.
Huh? We are born to protect them from sin and evil? You're kidding around with all this talk, right? This is a big joke I think.
stevo, the statement,

"Some songs are feminine and many women are vulnerable. Let's make sure we are not taking advantage of that vulnerability as responsible men who are born to protect them from sin and evil."

makes no sense. first it says some songs are feminine, then it says dont take advantage of women. those 2 subjects have nothing to do with each other. so there is no use refuting it.
Yes, God is a not a She.
He is a He; but that does not mean He is masculine, and nothing I said indicated He would be feminine. That would be absurd!. You could not force me to call God a "She."

He, through inspiration, authorized use of the masculine pronoun in speaking of Him, and His Son (who, when He took on flesh, had a fully masculine body and observed the customs of earth in the manner of a male person). Now by analogy, note that Jesus was Jewish; but being Jewish did not limit Him to being Jewish, no more than it would be correct to say that God is Jewish. Jesus said, "before Abraham, I AM." Absolutely true, for He was in the beginning, before even the creation of the world. But saying this made those who wished to limit Him extremely angry.

Now indeed Revelation speaks of Jesus' followers as his Bride; and wisdom is personified in a female for in Proverbs 8, in close semblance to the Holy Spirit, and in sharp contrast to the wickedness, personified also female, but adulterous, deceitful and bent on destruction. And one might indeed describe Michelangelo's art as holy, as it was truly dedicated to God. Though a beautiful metaphor, I think its a bit risky to take the theological adventure of calling Wisdom God's wife. Certainly God has ultimate wisdom and is the source of all true wisdom (in contrast to worldly "wisdom", which is merely the product of our efforts to make sense of things).

As to wickedness -- every believer begins wicked, repents and follows Christ. Those who will not repent are those who are bundled up and burned; and Jesus spoke much of the awfulness of those times, and the futility of sorrow of those who have already been condemned (n.b., parable of rich man and Lazarus) Of course the unrepentant are not forgiven. How can they be?

What on earth did I say that would indicate otherwise?
Warrior? Tower of Strength?......tell me those arent masculine. these 2 are just some of the things to describe our God. not masculine? i dont see it.
Hi Michael -

I wrote a response to your comment, but somehow it ended up on another page. I did this 10:50 PM, August 26, 2010, or 12:50 your time, or 6:50 GMT, to help locate it among the many responses on this subject.

Don't worry; I don't think God's a She either, never did.
Jesus only forgives the wicked if they ask. because if He forgave everyone, no one would go to hell. so, His forgiveness is a free gift, but it must be accepted.
I lead worship on Okinawa. There are nothing but Marines, Air Force, Army, and Navy all in one. My thought is if a man can't cry out to Jesus and tell him he loves Him, that man has a pride issue. I personally love when I hear these guys singing, "in your arms of love." to a beautiful, merciful graceful God. If I could only kiss His feet and tell Him how much I love Him for how he saved me and my friends and family.

Just my thoughts.


When you meet the true Christ and he accepts you as a follower, when he extends His hand, shake it.
Don't kiss his feet. That is a position for women and not a man. Man up. :)


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