This past weekend, I felt strongly led to ask the congregation to take a step toward freedom in worship. I really felt God was asking me to suggest the steps that they might take. For instance; those who worship with hands in their pockets to simply take them out, those with hands glued to their sides to simply turn their palms upward and so on and so forth, to the ultimate worship posture, facedown.
We used alot of uptempo songs and dusted off a couple of oldies.
I am very happy to report that there really was a new freedom in the room that night. I even had some teenagers come up to me and tell me how much they got into the worship - which is a minor miracle! And I actually got a thank you note from a young lady thanking me for the worship and the way I encouraged everyone to that place of freedom. It amazes me what God can do when we are obedient to His urgings. I was feeling so worried about everything. I was playing with a new drummer who has played with some of the best of the best so I was worrying about him and whether I should /could say what God had put on my heart and worrying if I had selected the right songs... and on and on. Sound familiar? It's funny how the more worried I am about not being able to do a good job, the better I end up doing! Confidence is definitely overrated!

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Hah! I didn't notice the time warp. I'm not sayin' either way, but I don't think that the age of this thread proves it one way or the other. The works of Chaucer and Homer have survived centuries. I'm just sayin'...
Well Stevo, I am a firm believer that God is behind as the creative force, all great works of art, music, literature whether the human knows it or not, God is the source, not that my words were great or even very creative but I do think that God was the one who put them in my head and sort of kicked me in the behind to get me to utter them.
Mozart had a Gift from God, I'm sure of that. So did Peter Tosh and so does Eric Clapton. I'm not sure any of the above claimed to have instructions from God. And one could argue that Chaucer may have gotten help from the other side.

I'm glad you got your folks to loosen up, I do wish my folks would get into it more...
That is so awesome to hear. I find myself wanting to do the same thing. The Japanese people can tend to be very reserved. We have a mix of Japanese and American here and I want them to clap and celebrate the Lord with me. I just don't know how to ask. I'll give it a try.

Yes I agree, a wonderful testimony.  

Obedience to God can feel difficult because it often appears to clash with our human perceptions.  However, disobedience feels an awful lot worse! 

Phil Williams said:

Hey Bizzy - that's a great testimony, thanks for sharing that with us.

Much of what we see as "confidence" in leaders is the illusion of confidence.  Faith is the evidence of things not seen!  Even if the people had dutifully gone along with you in raising their hands, you would only suspect - not really know - what was happening until they came to you afterwards, and confirmed the goodness of what happened through your obedience to God.


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