This past weekend, I felt strongly led to ask the congregation to take a step toward freedom in worship. I really felt God was asking me to suggest the steps that they might take. For instance; those who worship with hands in their pockets to simply take them out, those with hands glued to their sides to simply turn their palms upward and so on and so forth, to the ultimate worship posture, facedown.
We used alot of uptempo songs and dusted off a couple of oldies.
I am very happy to report that there really was a new freedom in the room that night. I even had some teenagers come up to me and tell me how much they got into the worship - which is a minor miracle! And I actually got a thank you note from a young lady thanking me for the worship and the way I encouraged everyone to that place of freedom. It amazes me what God can do when we are obedient to His urgings. I was feeling so worried about everything. I was playing with a new drummer who has played with some of the best of the best so I was worrying about him and whether I should /could say what God had put on my heart and worrying if I had selected the right songs... and on and on. Sound familiar? It's funny how the more worried I am about not being able to do a good job, the better I end up doing! Confidence is definitely overrated!

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You are so right about being obediant to God. Man the things he does. Let me say that again.
Man, the things H E does!!! When we can say, the situation is not perfect nor optimal, thats when we are forced to say "okay God, take over." And when we do, and when He does - what a marvelous thing it is.
Hey Bizzy - that's a great testimony, thanks for sharing that with us.
God really seems to honour us stepping out doesn't he? He blessed you when you stepped out and he blessed the folks in the congregation when they responded to your encouragement.

I always think it's a challenge saying stuff to the congregation like you did and it sounds like you handled it just right! I want to encourage and help but want to make sure I don't sound like I'm telling them what to do! (I hate it when worship leaders tell me what to do but am happy when they suggest or encourage). So, well done to you.

Let's pray that we all have the courage to respond to God's voice as we lead and the sensitivity and wisdom to communicate it well and I'm sure we'll see the people of God move forward!
All the best.

What is very scary to me is saying something is from the Lord. I really need to be 110% sure that it really is from God and not my imagination. I am really uncomfortable with folks who always seem to have a word from God, somehow it loses it's power when it's a constant thing.
God rarely speaks to me overtly but when He does, I want to be ready to listen.
Blessings to you in your ministry of worship. thanks for taking the time to "talk"
Our Pastor says, "Sometimes we have a dream from the Lord, sometimes it's just bad pizza." The written Word speaks of using judgment and discernment about "words" (1 Cor. 12-14). Evangelical Christianity has a built-in conundrum, because we are constantly urged to have rock-solid commitment about anything that comes from God; yet a word from Him is judgable -- because it is processed and uttered not by God, but by a human being.

I thought I had this reply sort of figured out, and the more I write the less I am sure of it; so I better quit and sign off, like Pontius Pilate - "What I have written, I have written."

I like your "baby steps" approach to exhortation ... especially in a situation where you're leading a congregation over a long-period of time.

Maybe I'll try your examples. I do believe that even if a worshiper is not "feeling it", if s/he prays the prayers, sings the songs, listens intently, s/he's going to get drawn into the presence of the Lord.

Hey Ange!
I was just thinking about what you wrote here and a great expression from AA that comes to mind is: fake it till you make it or act as if and it works great for getting sober and it would work well for luke warm worshippers too I betcha.
Worrying is really underrated in this world. Jesus worried (John 17) enough that He sweat blood, and went out and did the best thing that could possibly be done - ever.
Well, did He really worry?
Well, maybe it depends on how you use the word "worry." Matt. 26:38, in the garden, 'My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death..." His intensity as He relinquished His will to the Father (Not my will, but Yours...), His weeping over Jerusalem with His frustrated desire to gather them under His wing. I was attempting to affirm Bizzy's statement, "Confidence is definitely overrated!" by using the word "worry" in the sense that one approaches worship leadership with travail of soul, just as Jesus didn't just go hopping up to the cross ("Well, a few hours of pain to get this world fixed - good deal - go for it, Father!"), but went through anguish and relinquishment of self-interest. At the time, 'worry' seemed like an easy, understandable word to convey the point. And since I'm seven minutes late to dinner, I'm getting worried (in the correct sense) , so I'll leave finding a better word to someone else. The beauty of Discussion Groups.
LOL. Ah the precise language we speak, it worries me sometimes.
it's amazing that I started this discussion over 2 yrs ago and we are still discussing it. I guess that kind of confirms for me that it was of God and not something I made up in my head because as you know the things of God endure while the works of man are like dust. Here today, blown away tomorrow!


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