After 13 years in the active Army, (my wife and) I decided to follow the poking and prodding I had felt for about 4 years before, and leave. That's right, I got out the Army, left a path that was certainly secure and promising. Why? Because I felt like that's what God was calling me to do.


Two books apart from scripture got me to that point: (1)John Ortberg's "If you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat" and, (2) "The dream giver" by Bruce Wilkinson. Whatever your theological persuasion, or views of the books, those are the ones that did it.


It didn't end well, because it hasn't ended at all. God took us down a road that was pretty bleak, but offered so much growth. Darla and I are both changed people; I am a lot more surrendered for sure.  The circumstances that we found ourselves in inspired an idea for a song, but it was just swirling around in my head. Then we heard Dr. Keith Miles preach a sermon [paraphrased] titled - Bid me come, and at that moment I knew the song was complete - "Bid me Come".


The moral of the story is that I (we) got out of the boat of professional security, comfort and prestige, but learned lessons along the way. Then we took them and recorded a song that is encouraging others to get out of the boat. Staying inside your boat may be keeping you from being used by God.

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yes, it is scary, I too left a job with "security" I felt that after 8 years, I wanted to be totally surrender to the Lord and follow the passion he put in my heart. I waited 3 years for that voice to say personally to me - come, yet I know it was as if he said step out of the boat first. Yes, songs are coming and I know that flesh wants to be at the "end" of this path. Like you said it hasn't ended. So, however bleak the road, however changed we become, only my awareness of God's love for me is what is putting me over


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