Hi-- my name is Julie Tofilon, and I'm still new to this group.  I'm wondering what the best and safest way is to get songs I've written to Christian artists who can record them and get them "out there" to minister to people.  Wish my husband and I could do it, but we don't have a whole band or the right recording equipment.  Thoughts?  Interest?

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We'll be announcing soon a new HUGE item that has been added to the prize package for this year's songwriting contest... and speaking of getting songs out there... you need an open door. We have opened up a door with Integrity Music, the biggest name in praise & worship music, and the winning song will be getting a phone call with a publisher from Integrity Music to discuss the winning original song. That's not something you can just setup on your own, so this is a pretty big deal for anyone that is serious about getting some potential massive exposure for your song!

Beyond that, the top 6 songs from each of the two categories will be featured on the "Worship The Rock 2017" compilation album, released digitally via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

We are trying here at WTR to help you all do just what this thread is discussing... getting your songs some exposure... and we hope that this is just the beginning!


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