How many of you think that God is an Amazingly, outstanding, wonderful, caregiving, compassionate, God, who is filled with AWESOMENESS???

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I agree - I try to just use this word to describe God. After having decided this I read in one of Matt Redman's books that he was going to do the same thing!
Let's look at the word in some detail. What does it mean when we say God is awesome? Inspiring awe? Can we use other words to help us see this word (and therefore God) in a fresh light? :)
I totaly do!!! He's even more than that. We don't have human words to describe him!! Like "Three Minute Song" by John Wilson. Listen to it. It's really good. God is the coolest!!
Well let me see. He sent His Son to give us life when we deserved death. Without this 'stumble upon' it seems...(grace actually), I would still be actively pursuing my wretched old life....without the 'means' to know any alternatve. I am still quite 'reeling'...trying to make sense of the whole thing. I am certanly happy to have been given eternal one 'lifetime' would never be nearly enough to understand God's wonderful mystery....
You are so RIGHT about GOD is truely "AWESOME!!!!" His amazing love and grace totally OVERwhelms me at time. :) :)
I agree about need the over-use of the word "awesome" pertaining to everyday...

Another word that comes to mind, when viewing the nature HE created, especially is " Majestic!".. There are so many aspects of God, unfathomable for man to understand....


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