Hi! I am a volunteer worship leader (military overseas) - I am going to be leading worship for our ladies conference soon, and it will be a blend of our contemporary and gospel services.I honestly don't really know any gospel songs, and I would really love to be able to reach out to our gospel service ladies by having familiar songs.  Any recommendations? 

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Check this song out. I can get the lead sheet for you.

Which kind of gospel - AA or Southern?

This song is more contemporary similar to Chris Tomlin. I do have some original songs that are southern gospel though.

David - AA 

OK this may be a bit old school but anything by Walter or Edwin Hawkins, or Andre Crouch.

Also anything by Bishop Joseph Garlington (very much to the jazz side of AA gospel) like his "The Solid Rock" on Integrity Hosanna

Ron Kenoly (also on Integrity Hosanna)

If you want REALLY old school AA gospel - Carlton Pearson's Live At Azusa recordings.


Check this song out. It has a rhythm and blues feel.

For starters:

PEPPY:   Victory in Jesus   /  Soon and Very Soon  /  Power in the Blood  /  I'll Fly Away

JOYFUL PRAISE & THANKS:  In My Heart There Rings a Melody  /  Jesus Saves / Joy Unspeakable

MEDIUM PRAISE:  The Blood Will never Lose Its Power (Andrae C.)  /  Jesus Loves Me (This I Know)

SLOW PRAISE & THANKS:  How Great Thou Art  /  My Tribute (Andrae Crouch)  /  He Touched Me  /  I'd Rather Have Jesus  /  What a Day That Will Be

INVITATIONAL:  Near the Cross  /  Amazing Grace  /  There Is a River  /  Softly and Tenderly  /  Reach Out and Touch the Lord  /  Without Him  /  Just As I Am  /  Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Another fine source of songs is Maranatha!  In My Life(Be Glorified) / Spirit Song / Open Our Eyes, Lord (We Want to See Jesus) / Holy, Holy (Jimmy Owens) / I Exalt Thee / Holy Spirit, Come (let this be Your home) / Bless His Holy Name (Crouch again) / It Shall Flow Like a River / Come Let Us Worship and Bow Down / Seek ye First the Kingdom of God (don't forget the Alleluia overlay) / the great rounds - "Behold, What Manner of Love" and "Behold, Bless Ye the Lord."

And there's the Jewish revival songs - Make a Joyful Noise / You Shall Go Out with Joy / I Will Celebrate / Jehovah-Jireh / When the Spirit of the Lord Moves (I Will Sing as David Sang).  They're best with tambourines and dancing (or if they're restrained folk, vigorous clapping on the beat). 

Overall, if you have a segment of Gospel song or songs from the eras represented, the normal way of singing them is joined together seamlessly so they flow (you don't stop to talk in between songs while the guitarists look around).  Keeping the keys and themes of the songs well-linked together is very important.  The songs exist less for themselves than for a total entity, the worship service.


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