I'm not really posting this song for feedback, although you're welcome to give it if you'd like. :) I'm posting this because I felt like I should share it today.

It's a song that I wrote a few years ago. This is just a simple demo of the song, nothing professional, but my wife and I have really been trusting and leaning on God's promises, knowing that He is always faithful. Sometimes you have to grab hold of that truth and CHOOSE to believe it, even if you can't see it at the present moment. It may not be in your timing, or the way you expect it to look, but He WILL come through.

This song is called "Great Is Your Faithfulness". It's very simple, but is a song that God gave me I believe to remind me and to continue reminding me... and hopefully it will encourage you as well. God is truly faithful... ALWAYS.

I have attached the MP3 as well as chord charts (both PDF and OnSong) for anyone that would like them.

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