Hey Guys - All About Worship just released All About Worship Collective, Volume 2.  This is a set of 13 top quality new worship songs being released by artists directly to the church.  Artists include:

  • Will Retherford
  • Rend Collective Experiment
  • Heather Land
  • Matt Papa
  • All Sons and Daughters
  • The City Harmonic
  • ..many more.

Get all the music for free (until April 10th) on NoiseTrade here.

Get all of the chord charts here.

Please support these artists who are working hard and releasing their resources directly to the church.  The music industry is changing, and they are working hard to bring you the freshest high quality resources without the middleman.  Support from worship leaders to look at their materials and use their songs is very much encouraged.  You will find them to be top notch!

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I have had a look at the web site and the free part looks very much like advertising for not free stuff.

I find myself comparing it with "Resound Worship"  which really is a free resource with no advertising, no dirty great copywrite notice. Just free MP3's, Lyric Sheets, Chord Sheets, Lead Sheets, Piano Scores and even Orchestral scores for some songs. All of it is free to download there is just some polite small print asking you to fill in your CCLI Returns. On top of that it's a collection from a good selection of authors not just one crazy band.

I suppose if you really like their music you will use it but then you probably would if it didn't even claim to be free.

 David Bull. 

Hey I appreciate your looking.  Web sites can be confusing, I know, but everything I pointed out is absolutely free.  You go to NoiseTrade via the link I put and enter your email address and download a rather large zip file containing all 13 songs.  Then, if you like one, you go over to AAW.com and you can find the chord chart right there, no cost.

Yes there is advertising on the AAW.com site (just like this site), and that site does plug in to the 'worship industry' but the people who have made their music available on Noisetrade have done so to take advantage of making music freely available in order to allow its more free distribution and to get more people to take a look at what they are doing. There are several great free downloadable worship resources on Noisetrade - I urge you to look for them.

On my Weekend Warrior Worship site I made available all of the resources as you described Resound Worship does, including sheet music scores in changeable keys (through the magic of technology).  The AAW Collective is a little different in that the songs are only available for free download for a limited period of time.

The whole aspect of 'charging' for worship music is an interesting one.  I for one respect the professionals who make the music I put out, and I am more than willing to pay professionals for professional results.  This so far has equated to a lot of outgo and not much income for my efforts, but I will continue to do it anyway, because I believe in the 'indie' alternative way of doing things.

I hope you get the chance to have a listen!

One more point on copyright.  Resound Worship is not copyright free.  They use a publisher and use a copyright clearing organization, CCLI.  The only true copyright free license would be a Creative Commons license that offered free sharing and free ability to record for whatever reason, with no registration with PROs or CCLI.  Anything else is an attempt to restrict rights in some form.  Whether that is bad or not is another discussion, I am just trying to be technically clear.

Hi Mark,

I have had another look at the web site and downloaded the MP3's, your link that was supposed to get me the chord charts got me a second copy of the MP3's. However you are right there is freely downloadable music there and by other artists as well.
I would have great difficulty using what I have download in Congregational worship but that doesn't necessarily mean that somebody else couldn't use it.

The two things I find really annoying are:-

1) the “Is your church copy write compliant report card” box. Which on closer examination appearers to be an advertisement rather than part of the site proper, so presumably the site wouldn't exist without that sort of sponsorship so I'll forgive you that one.

2)The give the artist a tip ”thingy” but again that could be the artists main income from the works.

So yes there are things don't like about the site but that could just be the personal taste of a grumpy old man.

It would be nice to here a very short clip of one or two of the songs before committing oneself to a download, true it would put some people off but it would probably encourage a greater number to go ahead with a download.

Then I suppose I should say that the deciding factor for most people will be the music and nothing to sites at all.

In conclusion I think people will just have to have a good look at both sites and come to their own conclusions and I'm sure you wouldn't object to that.

David Bull.

I am a huge fan of any activity to source the church directly with well crafted songs. Hopefully many more follow the lead of Resound Worship and the artists we linked above. It's a great development for the church!


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