Really, I live in a little unincorporated place called "Deviltown" which I didn't know it was called until after I moved there (since the mailing address is for a nearby city).  But nevertheless, Hi, and thank you for this place to listen, learn, and share what God has stirred in our hearts musically.  I have a non-music day job that I do not plan to quit, but I hope that I can bless someone with some of the songs that I write, and I hope that I can learn a thing or two here on how to improve my music & songwriting skills.  I have a YouTube channel with several demo recordings of CCM-style songs and songs intended for group worship.  That channel is found at  Playlists show how I have categorized the songs.  If you listen, I appreciate it.  Tell me what you think if you listen.  I appreciate all comments whether completely positive or critically constructive.  Thank you!

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Welcome! ...and what an unfortunate name for your town :-)

There are a couple of legends about the naming of the area, and they aren't all tha sinister, except that the people in the area were a little wild as workers of a tannery long ago.

Strangely enough, the town where I live has supposedly been recognised as the 'Centre of Britain' and some years back it was mentioned on the national news as the most devil worshipping place in Britain.  News to me, and alot of others too who were shocked by the revelation.


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