Hi everyone,

Jonathan's the name, I was born and brought up in the Bretheren Movement, but have experienced pretty much every form and expression of church imaginable. (even Roman Catholic)

My family and I returned to a Free-Church (Baptist) setting again about a year ago, after years of liturgical style worship in a Lutheran Church in Germany, and then Anglican here in the UK. After a long period of dithering, I realised that we really had to leave the Anglican church we were attending, and so started at Castlehold Baptist Church, here on the Isle of Wight, southern England.

I sing and play drums in the music team (always hesitant to call it the Worship Team, becaue the whole church is really the "Worship Team") and am gradually catching up on the repertoire of contempary worship songs, some of which I love, others of which I find a bit disposable.

After years in the Charismatic movement, I am wary of what I call "Hari Krishna Worship" (Very long repetitions, with people starting to become trance-like) which we don't usually have at our church, but I do want to keep an open mind and not be overly critical.

That'll probably do for now,


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Hi Jonathan, must have missed this discussion and found your introduction really interesting and honest : )  I like your interpretation of 'worship team' in that the whole church is the worship team, or at least they should be.  I am involved in charismatic worship (some of the time) but have my feet very firmly on the ground.

Even Roman Catholic, that's me!  But next week I am providing music for an Advent Service when all denominations come together in my home town.  Never done this one before, so here's hoping.

Keep posting, would love to hear more.

Thanks Lorraine.

I don't think I would ever become a Roman Catholic, but I don't have any kind of strong aversion to Catholicism like some of my fellow Protestants. My wife has an Uncle who is a RC priest in Augsburg, in Germany, and I attended a RC regularly every Sunday for a year when I lived in Lüdenscheid, Germany. And, for a Protestant, I find the Ave Maria (by Dubra) that our choir sing at the moment, very moving. The thing that I find sad about Roman Catholicism is - as I understand it - the idea that the RC Church is the "One true Church" Perhaps there are many Catholics who think differently, but this is still the offical idea. It's also sad that although Anglicans and other Protestand denominations, would welcome Roman Catholics to Communion, I could not take take part in a Mass, even though I affirm that the bread and wine are more than just "visual aids". But, hey-ho, that's us Christians, one day God is going to bang our heads together....

My mother always taught me a small child that the catholic church was 'the one true church' although I have never heard that preached in church or even heard a hint of it in recent years. To be honest, I think of myself as Christian and not catholic and have very much moved away from, what I can only describe as, 'bad teaching' in my childhood years, thankfully.

I think that whatever denomination or free church we choose to worship in, that we all walk our own journey and church is outside the confines of the walls and despite differences in opinion and interpretation we each follow the 'One True God'.


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