We have re-activated a portion of this site that has been dormant for quite a while and that is GROUPS! Similar to other social media communities, you can create a group and set various parameters. There are some existing groups that were created previously. They can still be used of course, but feel to create new groups!

Some ideas that you could create groups for...

  • your denomination
  • your church music team
  • your favorite worship band
  • tech / equipment
  • your instrument
  • live worship recording tips
  • anything else you can think of to further benefit from and build this community!

To access group, click "GROUPS" in the top menu bar, or access them towards the bottom of the main page.

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None of the groups are active right now as they've been out of the mix for quite a while. So they of course died. Your suggestion is probably a good one though... in that we should dismantle the old groups and re-create new ones so you don't join a group that is full of people that may not utilize this community anymore. HOWEVER, maybe the group coming back to life would be what some of those users need to return to the community. So there may be benefit in leaving the old group in place.

Any other thoughts / opinions on that?

Thanks Kevin for your input!

I'm inclined to say keep them - there are some pearls of wisdom there, or at least some grit that might form the basis of new pearls.

A third option, which may be possible is to keep them but rename them with something like the word 'archive' in the title and lock those old groups from further activity. That lets people read them but requires that they spark a new group if they want to kick off a new discussion or take a fresh look at an existing topic.

Mind you, weren't there more groups than the nine I can see ... or am I getting confused with a different site?


One observation: we now have both "forums" and "groups" and the content of the songwriting group is entirely separate from the content of the songwriting forum.  And "blogs" about songwriting are somewhere entirely separate, as are original worship songs that people post on their profiles.  I'd like to see all that stuff combined in a way that makes it easy for me to come here with a specific question and post it somewhere where I'm more likely to get an answer.

Of course, a big part of all this is the general lack of activity here despite having 9000+ WL members.  I know we'd all love to see more discussion, get more answers to our questions, and if there was more activity, I'd check in more often myself.  Are we really all so different in how we want to run our bands, in our priorities, that we don't think others might have good ideas we could use?

I don't know if this is a clue or anything, but after being one of the people who suggested coming up with some sort of a "playlist" so we could hear each other's songs, I still haven't signed up for the spotify playlist thing because the last time I had to deal with some sort of DRM (digital rights management) system, it ended badly.  So I bailed out when it came to that and haven't been back yet.


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