Looking for some ideas as to how some of you grow your teams in size and number. We have an amazingly talented team right now and we are looking to start a new service. I need creative ideas that will inspire creative people to join our team. 

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Make an announcement from the pulpit asking for anyone who wants to join, just show up the next Sunday for the new service with their instruments, and "just wing it".  That's always a fun way to do it.

Just kidding of course.  Are you asking for ideas on attracting the right people, or about the logistics of phasing new people in, or both/neither?

Is this new service intended to be any different from the existing one?

Ha, winging it, I absolutely love. Not long ago seventeen of us turned up on the day to lead the worship for a big event without ever having played together before.  It worked, the worship was alive. 

Oh...Just to clarify...I agree that "winging it" is not necessarily a bad thing;  When talented people do it, it's quite amazing, but the equation I was thinking of was this: (an open invitation) - (a verification of basic musicianship skills) + (winging it) = huge risk. 

I do tend to agree with Stevo - keep your ears open to what talent is in your congregation.

Yep, a huge risk, but when it works, WOW.  Mind you, on the occasion I was talking about, I may have omitted to mention that we had a fantastic sound technician who took most of the risk out of it.


ps. love the equation.  I reckon we could start a whole new discussion featuring worship leading equations : )

It's the Lord's work. Just advertise that you are looking for people and keep your ears open. If God wants to prosper you, you'll know it.

We are a church of 2000 with 7 services a week, two of those being live online services. We have a pretty high bar that is set every week. We already have 3 greatly talented teams. However our church is growing at a rapid pace and we are looking to launch another service in February. I'm not really looking to wing anything..lol, announcing from the stage doesn't work as we do not want to present our ministry as a "sinking ship". I feel announcements from the stage looks desperate. We use video, handouts etc..but that's not working. I know the musicians are in the congregation, i just need to inspire them and also make our team appear a little easier accessible. 

I've done the announcements from the stage thing and I did get people.  It was more or less a "ministry update" that happened to include an encouragement to join. But God also brought people who asked if they could join. The fact is, I knew who all the closet players and singers were when I stood up there. But I still feel like it's God who does this as He has in my situation and it didn't seem to matter that I was trying to grow it or not. What does seem to matter is that I work with the people I have to encourage them into better and higher quality worship.

As I contemplate your statement above and the players I have and when they joined, some took months to finally say yes. Others joined up right away. I never put pressure on them, only asked if they were interested. One of my guitar players would do a lot of encouraging and pushing and it never made a difference. God prepared their hearts in His time.

Putting a deadline of February on it is interesting. If you're ready with everything but the musical part, maybe God's preparing you for a silent and monastic worship service. Just kidding, but nothing says you can't launch the new service without a band. One guy with a guitar is all you need.

I'm glad you asked this question as I'm in the same predicament.  I want to enlarge our worship team, but at the same time being aware an open announcement may entice anyone to turn up to practice ie those who can't sing and can't play and then your stuck with how do you tell those people that they cannot be involved in the worship team without hurting their feelings.  At the same time I'm not a strong enough person to be able to hold auditions (as some churches do) as I wouldn't be able to tell anyone No.  We are a small church of around 60-70 members and at the moment there are 9 in the worship team - 1 Flautist, 1 Acoustic Guitar, 1 Drummer, 1 Bass Guitar, 1 Trumpeter, 3 singers, 1 worship leader leading on the piano (that's me) but there are many occasions when singers are missing and there's not enough vocals coming through from the front so yeah, any suggestions would be gratefully received :)

Does your congregation have a home group system in place?  (if not it would be a good idea with a congregation that large)  If so, the home group leaders should know who the musicians are already (probably the musicians on your existing teams do as well).

Ditto with the youth group. The youth leader(s) will probably have a bunch of names for you from their ranks.

Just go to these individuals and talk to them personally.

Can you take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and have a time of prayer and worship?  Tell people to bring their instruments and music and come prepared to participate and share.  Have a sign up sheet so you have some idea of what to expect.  Allow time for sharing, testimonies and prayer and also to worship.  You can let people group themselves or group it how you see fit but you will not only get to see the skills of the participants but you will get a glimpse into the hearts.  It will promote fellowship and is a way to see gifts in a natural setting.  It will give you an idea of who might be a good fit.  Also, there may be people who you never would have thought to seek out who have amazing gifts sitting right under your nose.


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