As I was cleaning up my home office, I came across an article which I had printed out with an intent to write a counterpoint white paper. The text of the article can be found in this URL:

Maybe you've seen this article or at least are aware of this thinking. I would guess that most people on this forum wouldn't find much credibility in this article - even the original author admits some imbalance in the paper and suggests that his own previous conclusions were wrong.

Even so, this kind of thinking prevails in some circles and I wonder if it's widespread. Do any of you still hear statements like:

"Rock Music is Carnal because it makes you want to dance and move"?

"Rock Music is disharmonic and therefore wrong or harmful to your psyche"?

"A study on mice proves that certain music can cause nerve and brain damage"?

There are a lot of things wrong with this broad-stroked article and it's supporting material, not the least of which is the idea of blasting mice with music 24x7 and then killing them to study their brains. 

But that's where I stop. Anyone want to comment? I'm curious if this is mostly a dead issue or if there are still some circles of thought where this is prevalent. If it's still out there, do you think is there any validity to it? Should we take some of this to heart? Should we reject it outright? 

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Right - maybe the loudness or the hard hitting drums are what make it hard to take at times. (And this implies that some is actually nice and not hard to take.) But I wouldn't call that "disharmonic" since it has nothing to do with harmony. I think it's just a convenient invective term intended to box things into a neat little cage that can be ridiculed and railed against. Analysis of appropriate or inappropriate music has to be more complex and thoughtful than this.

As far as I am aware, one of the few (if only) styles of rock music that deliberately set out to be discordant / disharmonic was '70's punk (of the ilk of the SP's and the Clash). 

Many pop/rock groups - Crosby, Stills, & Nash, the Bee Gees, and Fleetwood Mac come to mind - did impeccably harmonic three-part voice arranging; and groups like Chicago and Blood, Sweat, & Tears incorporated horn arrangements into rock music.

And even rock groups that relied heavily on overdrive / distortion pretty much all tuned their guitars and played actual chords / harmonic lead parts.

A friend of mine played me samples of grunge rock.  (Quite a culture:  You can actually take online courses in how to scream without losing your voice!  So much for "counter-cultural.")  But underneath all the distortion, as you note, the music was quite tame, though often virtuosically fast and multi-rhythmic.

Good overdrive is actually very pleasant sounding, containing many pleasant even order harmonics. As you are implying, it isn't "disharmonic".

Yea, sadly it is true. Along with it comes the line of thinking that the song itself is somehow inherently wrong or right based on it's source. That is, instead of being able to evaluate music as it stands on it's obvious and apparent merits before us, the person who wrote it has some kind of influence on it's rightness or wrongness. I don't know if this is making sense...

As I read your reply, my wife read to me from a book by a neurosurgeon who noted the brain's sensitivity -- even a garbage truck going by will destroy, permanently, a few cells in the Organ of Corti.  Let's ban those noisy trucks!  Go back to trash collection by horse-cart!

Ignorance is blitz.

Yes, but oh the bliss of destroying those cells to the sound of Bach...

Which Bach: JS,  CPE, or WF

I believe family had a great publish thing going on.  Were they had simplified manuscripts of their pieces,  a sort of for easy (guitar/piano/etc) range of the day.


If God created music?   I believe he did, the Bible says he sings over me.  Then it is only us who make music bad for us by using it for sinful purposes.  Music about sex,drugs, money, violence, <joke> football teams </joke> etc.  I doubt there's ever been a musical form that some one hasn't use for sinful purposes.



God gave rock and roll to you

gave rock and roll to you

put it in the soul of everyone! 


Definitely not the one who wrote "Jonathan Livingston Seagull."

The more disturbing part (for me) is not that someone like the author of such "articles" has a personal view of certain types of music - that, I can just happily ignore and carry on with life - but rather that these folks often have followings; readers and devotees who swallow the stuff hook, line and sinker. And so the division of the family continues.


When can we get on with the Great Commission and the 2 Great Commandments (love God and love your neighbor)? The world lies near death while the health providers debate.

Never fear, Scientology is growing. 

Jesus said that there would be "wars, and rumors of wars" -- a concept that can easily encompass people with their own private wars and strife, making contention out of nothing, mountains from molehills, trying to save the world with their own little curative.  But the Lord said that there's enough trouble in one day without worry about the others. 

"Hook, line and sinker" reminds me of the old cartoon Pogo, whose hero calmly walked around with his fishing gear, stopping sometimes to help the swamp critters, listen to their endless complaints and exaggerated fretting over everything, or simply engage in their conversation, but remaining an island of peace and sensibility himself.

Remember when the Soviet Union gave it up?  They ran a lot of nonsense about the U.S. being the only superpower, and on the same front page had big writeups about Arab bandits and terror organizations, an entire subcontinent full of things to worry about!   Remember the havoc Jim Bakker and, oh what's his name, the guy who tossed the prayer requests in the trash -- when those fellows fell, we thought we'd have some respite on TV from meglomaniacs blurring the image of Christ?  Nope; there were folks waiting in line for those slots, to use them in the same way.

There's always somebody waiting in line to yank our chains, ready to sacrifice the Body of Christ on their own altar.


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