Has anyone ever given up being a worship leader? Belive God is wanting me to.

god has been leading me this way for a while but i have lead worship for 15 years so its hard to adjust to but i belive its his will

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I have, for a time. I hope it's less difficult for you than for me.
I think will probabaly be for good for me. I lead for 15 years and belive now I am just not enjoying as i used to. i think as a supporting guitarist and song writer i would feel freer. so how come you did?

Well, do be aware that as a supporting guitarist, you will probably have less chance to use your original songs in worship than you do as the WL.  The guy who came in after me had a strong "no original songs" policy (ok as special music / solos, but not in the worship repertoire).  I always felt like my primary calling was as a songwriter, so it was tough not having that outlet anymore.


Also be aware that if you "retire" as worship leader, you will probably have difficulties with whoever comes in to replace you.  If you're not in a position right now to find a new church to be involved in, you may be surprised at how frustrated you are with your current church once you're no longer in charge of the music.


You might want to think about what aspects of being the WL you're not enjoying as much and consider delegating some of those responsibilities, if there are things about being the WL that are still important to you.

That is a fair question. It was through a church move, then personal friction within the worship team. I ended up stepping outside the worship team completely. This IS a public forum, so I'll stop there.
It's not His will, it's yours. If you want to quit for some number of reasons, it's up to you. But I would recommend replacing it with some other form of ministry.
hi, how do u mean its not his will? yes i am looking to go into discipleship and word and prayer

Asking, "Does God want me to end my role as worship leader" implies that you're looking for Him to tell you exactly what to do. It ends up adding credibility to your decision if you can say, "God wanted me to stop doing it." But I have the feeling that you could describe a collection of things that are going on that are causing you to ask this question. Unfortunately, looking at circumstances and trying read what God God is telling you equates to divination. What you should do instead is make sure that what you do conforms what we know He wants from us as revealed in scripture - like staying in ministry.


It's His will that you be in ministry and be giving yourself for the sake of building the Kingdom. The specifics are up to you and what you choose to do. To the extent that he puts opportunities in front of you and blesses the things that you're doing for Him, He is in what you do. But most of us have seen way more opportunity than we have time to be involved in. The workers are few - never a lack of things to do. I usually counsel people to just do something that they would like to do and quit asking "is it God's will for me to do this". It's amazing how easy it is. And I guarantee you that God is OK with it if your motives are right. (Keep in mind, no one has 100% pure motives. We aren't capable of knowing that about ourselves.)


So do you WANT to leave your post as worship leader?


I heartily agree with Stevo's take on this subject.  We may pray (and receive guidance from God) and we may consult friends, old wise people, WTR forums, etc. (and receive input of varying degrees of value); but ultimately what we do is what we WANT to do.  Paul heard God's calling to a missionary journey, Agabus prophetically told him of the bad stuff that would happen to him (for God had also spoken to Agabus), and Paul replied, "I'm going" - chains or not.  He saw the need, and he wanted to answer to it.


I do hope that if you step down from the "front" you will still have opportunity for your songs to be heard.  I've been where, once I've delegated worship leading to others, they choose good songs, but it all goes Top 40 -- non-composers are way more reluctant to choose songs or promote songwriting in the local Body.*


*A generalization based on my very limited experience.

I've been leading worship for a similar length of time to you; I worked out recently that I must have stood up at the front of church to lead at least 700 times..... I'd confess that there have been times, especially recently, where I've felt tired and a bit disengaged with the whole thing. At the moment I'm just seeing how it goes and "keeping an eye on it", but there are a couple of things which make me suspect I'm not supposed to stop:

1) I've noticed that even when I'm not "feeling it", people are still led to meet with God when I'm leading; indeed many have told me so. So, I would say it isn't entirely about how I feel.... there is an element of sacrifice here. Having said this, I think your ministry should be one you have enthusiasm for, and if that enthusiasm has gone completely it may be time to look for something you are enthusiastic about.

2) I suspect that the reason I feel low about it is because of factors outside the church: being busy at work, for example. I know that these don't help my walk with God, and this isn't something that will suddenly change if I took on a different ministry.

So, that's where I'm at.... don't know if that's helpful.
........it's helpful to me Daniel. Life is so busy for me at the moment, my worship life is practically no go. I can tell you, I feel guilty, but there's not alot I can do about it due to circumstances. I am leaning on the Lord, but it aint easy when life is moving so fast. I haven't got the time and the energy to pick my guitar up most days and keep thinking my worship days are coming to an end. Maybe they are.
I'm not sure about that. Personal worship time isn't for others, it's for God and for us, ministering to the LORD and feeding our spirits. When we lead worship, it's for the sake of the body of Christ, to serve them by unifying their praises. You'll not be as fresh or as sharp at leading worship as you'd like to be, if your personal worship time isn't up to par. But don't despise the chance to have the congregation bless you as you lead them in the Fallback Worship Songs! :)

Hi Junjie,


I have only just seen your reply. I think maybe that I have worded my response wrongly...........when I say my worship days may be coming to an end, I should have said 'supplying worship for others'. Yes, I am working full time, and in my circumstances at home - small house, with another four adults in it, all coming and going at different times - I am finding it so difficult to find space and time to pick up my guitar and give the Lord my all.


I am going across to your blog now to comment further.


God Bless. Lorraine





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