Has anyone ever given up being a worship leader? Belive God is wanting me to.

god has been leading me this way for a while but i have lead worship for 15 years so its hard to adjust to but i belive its his will

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it was only a picture to express what i meant lol

answer this question why would one have to always play just cos you;re musical? would could not God ask you to do new things?

It all comes down to this: the more you give of yourself, the more reward in the next life. Implied is "want" in every case. If you don't want to do something or find it abhorrent and can do something else, by all means do it.
or maybe not 'me' but God asking of me :)
Honestly, I don't see God asking you to take time off. I see Him potentially having compassion on your need for change. But in any case, to put God's words into it is nothing more than an attempt to legitimize a decision. You're responsible for your decisions, not God.

that thinking says God goes along with us. In the bible God asked various different things of people all were challenge to respond. I am sure exekiel didnt want to lay on his side for over 300 days ect. doesnt God know what we need?

Sorry just keep see how you think God wouldnt ask someone to take time off. God does want his people to have rest and seasons of quiet and not doing. So many christian couldnt possibly think God would allow them not to 'do' cos when we do we feel we have done something for him and hide from how we can really be feeling.

as for being responsible. I have lead worship for over 15 years and was happy to do it, even though there were times I didnt feel like it.
So keep it up. Finish well. Find out how to regain the joy and humanity of it and get back in the saddle.

What you're describing is quite normal and I don't think that time off will help you - you won't end up solving the issue by not being in it.  


I think He's asked you to be involved in ministry. I don't see Him ever telling you to get out of it. Which ministry you are involved in is very much up to you as He puts things in your path. You don't need to say, "I think God is telling me to get out of worship leading" when the real reason is that you're feeling burned out. 


I think He has no problem with you taking a break either. Just remember that Elijah was truly depressed and burned out when God gave him a break. Jesus was barely able to stand in the desert. 


I am sure exekiel didnt want to lay on his side for over 300 days ect. doesnt God know what we need?


You realize that this example isn't helping your story don't you? Have you endured anything like that yet? I know I haven't! We can take a lot more than we think.


But to justify what you do by saying, "God is telling me to do such and such" isn't necessary. Looking at your circumstances and deciding that "God is telling me to do this or that" is nothing more than divination. We're not asked to "read signs" to determine what God is telling us. That's all I'm saying. 


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