Throughout church history, there have been countless accounts of people being healed and delivered (from sicknesses, bondages, addictions etc) during times of worship, without the laying-on of hands, without a spoken indication of the sovereign move of the Holy Spirit.

A friend gave this account which he witnessed while on a mission trip to Cambodia: He noticed an old and completely toothless man, smiling and showing a mouth full of white teeth at the end of the worship session. A personal friend who had quite a big mole on his face, found the mole in his held-up hand in the midst of worship. His face cleared. Another friend, who had been hemorrhaging for more than a year, felt the touch of God (almost like the woman with the flow of blood in the gospel accounts) and was instantaneously healed, during worship.

If you have personal encounters of such, or know of friends who have experienced the healing touch of God during times of worship, please share. It will surely be an encouragement to the rest of us.

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