This might be a "no kidding" discussion but I want to put a reminder out there that the Lord wants us to listen to Him about getting enough sleep.  I calculated that the 2 hours of sleep a night that I don't get amounts to (2x365 divided by 24) equals 30.4 days. 


I bring this up because not only do I feel tired on Sunday mornings at times, but I try to keep myself awake with coffee (plus sugar in my coffee).  Weight gain with this makes me more tired.  Therefore some Sunday mornings I am tired and look tired...People mistake that as depressed when in my heart the exact opposite is happening. 

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No doubt. You change the strings on your guitar, you bias the tubes in your amp when you replace them, you wrap the microphone cables nicely so they don't fail.. why wouldn't you keep your biological instrument in top shape? 

Why is it that you are not getting that 2 hours of sleep each night? Is it really necessary? Is it because you are 'too busy'.. It may be time to evaluate your schedule and see how you can get the sleep you need, 

I used to do a rock gig until 2 or 3 in the morning, then go to church at 6:30.. with just a quick nap between the two. I DID have more deeply moving moments (partly due to my exhausted state)... It was not healthy. My attitude and example of God's love were often in the back seat to my irritability and short fuse... 

Please do yourself a favour and allow yourself to sleep. Your body, mind and soul will all thank you!

Wow!  3am and up at 06:30?  I only did that a few times.  Not good.  Thanks for your reply.  Praise God you don't do that anymore.

Yep, used to do that every weekend. I was playing Fri and Sat with my classic rock band (4 - 45 minute sets and then load-out) and doing a church plant type of situation where everything was loaded in (stage, lights, backdrop, Sound, Screens, etc) on Sunday morning before the services.. It was not ideal.


I still occasionally gig on the weekends, but I don't have to be at church until 10:00am now, so I can get a proper 6 hours or so of solid sleep!

I actually did ONE month of late night gig and day job (+church on Sundays). I wouldn't have done it if I didn't need the money, but once I started I had a crazy kind of energy that kept me going. I think it was because I was deprived of music during that season of my life, so the gig brought it back. And that made me pretty happy.


Of course the gig only lasted a month, so it didn't do lasting damage to my body! :)

Excellent point about sleep.


Diet and exercise are also very beneficial to sleep.


The fresh vegetable juice fast is excellent to lose weight, detox and restore the body.  Cure cancer, diabetes and other things.




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