I have been guilty of about half of these...


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A challenging list! There doesnt seem much up for discussion here as I'm sure we've all been guilty of some if not all of these at some point. I was wondering if there is a difference between those who naturally lead and do not have an official title and those that have an official leader title. Does the title add extra pressure? Maybe they then feel like everyone is expecting them to do 'the stuff' so actually it becomes difficult to delegate and after a while the leader is used to doing everything and the team is used to the leader doing everything...I've heard about this in churches where there is no main leader but as soon as one is appointed everyone sits back and relaxes because they've now employed someone to do all the work. Perhaps there needs to be a healthy and unhealthy list for those who are 'followers'...?

I think these behaviors apply to all human interactions.

People who have been given power shouldn't give in to temptation to abuse that power.

And those who are 'followers' should pray for, not undermine, their leaders.

As Christians, IMO we have a long way to go...

Wow...guilty of three of these.  Very humbling and great reminders.  Thanks for the post.  Will pass along. 


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