Hi,  I've heard really good things about Garage Band for Mac. I've always had a PC so don't know anything about macs.  What kind of mac do I need to record music and use garage band?  I know this is sorta vague, but don't even know how macs are classified


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GarageBand comes standard with new Macs. You will need a Mac with a fast processor, lots of RAM, a music keyboard with a USB interface and a mic if you want to record vocals.

GarageBand's big sibling is Logic, which has robust audio capabilities. I use Logic Express, which has less features, but costs about $200. You also might want to get an audio interface, though IMo you don't need that to do rough demos.

If you want to go pro you can look into Pro Tools and Reason...more expensive, of course...
thanks! How fast of a processor and how much RAM minimum do I need? I sure would hate to go get a computer only to realize it wasn't big enough!
For audio I would get the fastest Mac with the most memory you can afford. Laptops tend to have less than desktops - but laptops are more portable, if you need to run it onstage during performances.

Get a current model Intel-based Mac, I think they have 2.3-3Ghz processors, with 4 or more GB's RAM. And a 1-2TB external hard drive to store and backup your audio tracks. Macs are more expensive, but you do get the operating system, GarageBand and an assortment of other software already installed on it. Logic and other audio/music programs, sounds, notation, etc. are extra.

This kind of software tends to use a lot of processing power, especially when using audio functions. I have an older Mac limited to 1GB RAM, and it balks when I try to work with audio in Logic Express. But not when recording a vocal in GarageBand....
I got one of those portable-harddrive-Macs about 18 months ago. It was affordable and came with Garageband on it.The harddrive would fit in a large purse (6x6x3). The idea is that you can unplug from one monitor, take it to church or work or school and plug into a different monitor there ... Mine just sits at home, and I use it primarily for Garageband and internet access (also made my own website on it www.triciabownik.com). I still use my PC for other stuff.
Then all you need is a midi keyboard to plug into it and a mic (I got a snowball mic for just under $100).
You can go to my profile and listen to the results. I have two songs posted there.
By the way, we did not go all out with the processor and Ram ... Looking at it now, it says Mac OS X with Processor 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and Memory 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. I think we got it (new) in Dec 2008?
Occasionally if I am adding more than 3 or 4 tracks and the song is getting long, Garageband will give me some kind of message that it's too big. But then it usually goes on to work fine after that. It's probably a conspiracy to get me to upgrade. :) Ha.
I have had a lot of fun learning GB and I'm sure you will too! It's user friendly and easy to figure out. I would only recommend another more expensive program if you are a good enough musician to match its capabilities. For me, GB works fine. If I were a "great" musician I could probably still make a decent demo in GarageBand.
But if I wanted to do a pro album, I would need some professional musicians and a studio to get me there.
So GB fits the bill. I have made my own albums using it.
I have GarageBand on my Apple laptop (MacBook Pro 17-inch). I basically use it for creating a demo. It is so much fun!!! When I play with it, I use some of their loops, and I also record my own voice. I don't have a keyboard, but I can still use the program without one. Macs are the easiest to use because they are so user friendly.
I don't have technical advice as I don't have one, just joining in because I'm excited for you! I so so want a Mac for Garageband and all the graphics stuff that you can do too - it's on my wishlist!
Have a look on the Apple website and you'll find all the different kinds and I'm sure there's tutorials on Youtube. But from what I've seen on other peoples Macbook's Garageband is fab for songwriting, if you can afford one, go for it!

Enjoy your Mac shopping!
God Bless x


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