I recently became the worship leader at my church and Im having some trouble getting members for the team. And some of the ones I have now kind of seem to have found other things of more importance to them(different season in their life?). I need advice on how to get people interested in joining i guess if you can understand what i mean! :)

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  1. Figure out who the musicians are in your church.
  2. Find out what would enable them to serving in this capacity.  Perhaps the rehearsal time is wrong, or they can't play the style of music.... etc... then adjust as best you can.
  3. Taylor the ministry around those servants (this is what God wants us to do)
  4. Public announcements might work.  Personal interaction is best.
  5. Pray about it.  Maybe God wants you to work with what you have.
Thank you! #5 keeps slapping me in the face haha
One more thing about doing all that work with a drum machine, it forces you to really look at the tempo and rhythm of a song. Many people don't look at those aspects in detail, they just wing it as they go along or leave it to the drummer. Once you pay attention to all those aspects, your playing on keyboards or guitar becomes a lot more intelligent and well-thought out. :)

Praying for this is the very best thing you can do Whitney :~) God will provide!


What parts do you have filled now?


BTW...welcome and congratulations to your new and wonderful job of Worship Leader!

thank you! I have singers that dont sing very loud, and I always manage to scramble up a guitar...thats about it. I know God is teaching me something right now though. I havent felt too worried cause i know God is in control but im just waiting..kind of like im locked alone in a room with the lights off
Pray this with me Whitney, Dear Father in Heaven we know that you placed our friend Whitney into this leader position for a reason and we know that you will provide everything she needs. Please Father God give her singers that will be dedicated to singing your praise. Give her musicians that will glorify You Lord God. Give Whitney great wisdom and patience to lead this team, and this Church. We pray that You will help her to be all that You desire for her to be. We are excited about what You are going to do! May You Bless her in all that she does. In the Name of our Lord Jesus, Amen.

wow I can't believe I didn't reply to this a whole 2 years ago when I needed this! I'm so thankful for it. I actually just prayed this prayer with you today. :) Thank you for this prayer, I needed it and felt it today as well. Again, Thank you

Somehow you have to convince your singers that they sound nice and you want others to hear them. :~)

Some suggestions:


1) When recruiting, make all your requirements clear.


Church music in this day and age ranges from the contemporary styles (which require the musicians to fill-in-the blanks) to the traditional styles (which require the musicians to be able to read notation). Don't assume that the people in your church know or understand what you need. Always spell out your requirements.


This also inspires confidence. People prefer to work with leaders who know clearly what they want and can communicate it to others. They are more likely to respond to your recruitment efforts if you take the effort to spell out what are the expectations you have for the role.


2) Ask your musicians who they'd like to invite to serve in your church.


Musicians tend to feel more comfortable talking with other musicians. Think about it, you may have the right person visiting your church or quietly warming a pew in your church. This person will usually make themselves known to the 'official' church musicians first before approaching the other people in the church leadership.


So make sure the musicians already working with you know that you are on the look-out for more help, so they can help you look out as well as recommend people they think are suitable.


3) Have a back-up plan.


What will you do if you can't find the right person or the right people? If your church uses a contemporary style of music for worship, you may be able to train up adequate musicians in the span of 2-3 months. If you practice a more traditional style you may want to look for parents with kids taking classical music lessons. They require a lot less work in terms of music training (most of it is already done for you).


The most important thing is to NOT be desperate. If you are desperate, you'll be tempted to recruit people without the correct skill set or the right attitude. They can be a headache to deal with at that point. No one benefits from this situation at all.


What do you think, Whitney? :)

I'd like to reinforce the part about not being desperate.  Been there, done that.

yea, haha thanks!

I agree 100 percent with Timothy Nelson. God will provide in His time.


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