Hi all!

Just joined the forum so I can ask some questions about techie music things, and pick the brains of other musicians and worship leaders to gain insight from their experiences.

Excited to be here, and looking forward (within the next couple of weeks hopefully!) to post mine and my wife's praise music.


PS-- my avatar was SUPPOSED to be a nice pic of Jesus holding a lamb, but the "upload your pic" thing wouldn't let me shrink my pic!!!! So all you see is a nice brown blob. Well, just know it's REALLY the king of Kings!

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Oh....huh.... well I guess the Avatar DID turn out! Good, I'm back on track!

Welcome, Matt. You may want to check out the electric and acoustic guitar groups that are here, too.



Hi Matt and Al,

Just to let you know that the groups eg. electric and acoustic guitar groups no longer exist on WTR.  To make life easier Phil has come up with lots of new categories under which to post your discussions, so everything is posted in the main forum now.  We are working through the categories at the moment putting the old posts in the correct places and hope you will bear with us as it is a slow process, especially when you get hooked on all the oldies and begin reading them all : )

God Bless.  Lorraine


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