11am service was awesome this morning!  We had a set all ready to go, but our drummer this week had to leave before the end of church, so we changed it up.  It went over very well.  God was there as always, so why was I nervous?  Maybe 'cause my dad and step-mom came for the first time-THEY LOVED IT!!  The message was as good as it has ever been.  Anyhoo, we sang/played a bunch of songs that we hadn't done in a long, long time...


Your Grace Is Enough

Amazing Love (Kendrick?)


I Love You, Lord/Garments of Praise/I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

Days of Elijah


Refiner's Fire


I just wanted to see how it went with everyone else.

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Great! Wow - we did some old-school Spanish hymns that we'd not done in years! How funny... :) Also, had a great service this morning.
Hey, maybe that happened with churches all over... we'll see... Waco, huh? I lived at Ft. Hood in the late '90's, not that far away.
not here--we were snowed out for the 2nd week in a row. i'm taking a break at the moment from digging out
Yeah. You guys really got walloped down there didn't you? We have stayed cold up here for a couple of weeks, but at least that has kept the storms away!
yep--this is the 2nd big one this winter, not to mention the several smaller storms. i'm not sure what the break point is on 'big one', but the 2 have dumped 20+ inches on the bulk of south jersey. last saturdays was only about 8 or so inches, but didn't end until sunday morning so there wasn't time to plow the lot. i understand wednesday may bring us another 6-10 inches. at least next weekend looks like it'll be clear.
Not sure how the worship service went, but the adult Sunday School class I'm in had one of our best discussions ever... we're going through Acts and we got to the part about the Samaritan Christians being "filled with the spirit." As somebody who started out in the Foursquare church, I got to 'splain about what the pentecostals mean by the baptism of the Spirit, and our resident retired Methodist missionaries got to 'splain about the Wesleyan take on it all, and people had lots of questions and comments about all the distance in between.

I did go to the traditional service with my mom, combined running the soundboard (just the liturgist mic and the pastor's wireless) and sitting with her (when I picked her up, she mentioned that her stomach was a bit upset, so I was kinda working on the theory that we might have to leave any time). Except for that moment at the start where the pastor hadn't turned the wireless on and I kept turning her volume up trying to get a level, and then she DID turn the wireless on, it went well :-) And she was even very graceful about it ("it's so rare that that happens" :-).

The church in Maricopa where I've been playing bass has switched to a morning schedule, so last week was the last of that... which means I have all afternoon to rest up for watching the Super Bowl tonight...

Our Pastor preached one of the best sermons I've ever heard him preach.

He's been doing a 5-week "Creation of Man" series, and today hit on Cain and Able. What I had missed before was that the Lord tells Cain why his offering was not accepted while Ables was: "If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it." [Gen 4:7]

He then used that to launch into a discussion about how to obey is better than sacrifice. From there he lead us through a series of statements that lead to Jesus, and Jesus' comments on the subject. Great sermon!

Worship was pretty good too. We're starting to sound like we are supposed to sound, but there's room for improvement. We are leading our congregation into worship, but there are still points which become distractions.
This week was my first offical Sunday as the Worship Pastor of my new church. Really prayed my way into this one, and as usual, God is awesome and it turned out great. We took longer in rehearsal/warmup than we had planned, but everyone felt comfortable going in. So excited to be serving Him in this new church and for the plans He has for us!
Sweet, man! Our teams have had a renewed hunger and excitement recently. God is so good!!


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