I have been thinking about how should a praise team dress on Sunday. Most of our team stays away from blue jeans but I have noticed other teams all wearing them. I think I like the idea of a more casual dress code. What do you folks think about this subject? A lot of our people (60-70) wear blue jeans all the time. Our teaching pastor taught us to dress up nice when he came here 6 months ago but now he may not mind so much if we don't. So I welcome your comments! 

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Sounds like a good way to be. Thanks Greg!

So what did you finally say? 

Wow, I never dress on stage. But if I had to...

LOL too funny

We have no dress code in the congregation, on the worship team, or for the pastor who dresses down.  Visitors who dress well rarely come back, but the 'outcasts' of society stick around.

Sounds like a good way to be if we want to attract people who may not have really nice cloths. I have a burden for them since I used to be one of them.

We have no formal dress code.  We are an Anglican church in Kent England but on the very low/charismatic end.  Our clergy do not wear robes; nor does the Bishop if he comes to us.  Most people tend to where whatever they feel comfortable in, usually some form of smart casual or relaxed casual.  Lots of jeans, sweatshirts, and woolly jumpers, but the odd shirt and tie would not be out of place.  You can usually tell though when it is a baptism (christening) week, as all the 'suits' are still outside having a last minute smoke before coming in! 


The only rule I give any team members is, make sure any skirts and tops are not too short/revealing, make sure you are clean and tidy, and no offensive slogans on T shirts.  It is not unusual for the (male) worship leaders to lead in shorts and Tshirts in the summer.      

There isn't one dress style that will make everyone comfortable. In fact, as far as I can see, the nearest to an ideal is to have a wide range of styles represented across the church, on-platform and off, to reflect the incredible diversity of the people God has called to him. I don't make a distinction between what I wear when I am playing with the group as opposed to worshipping from the congregation and nor is there any difference between my church garb and what someone would find me in if they met me at home during the week.


I tend to hit a middle-road casual style. I want avoid looking over-dressed, but I want my attire to appear neat and clean. And for sure, I avoid dipping into my Elton John wardrobe.

I have to admit, I've been tempted many times. For now, I just stick to the standard triple knit suit with 3" platforms. No over-sized glasses.

Well, maybe for you. Come visit and I'll get you on the front row.

We could have Flashback Sunday someday :-)


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