I have been thinking about how should a praise team dress on Sunday. Most of our team stays away from blue jeans but I have noticed other teams all wearing them. I think I like the idea of a more casual dress code. What do you folks think about this subject? A lot of our people (60-70) wear blue jeans all the time. Our teaching pastor taught us to dress up nice when he came here 6 months ago but now he may not mind so much if we don't. So I welcome your comments! 

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Um.... That was in response to Margaret Thatcher. 


What about those powdered wigs and robes that the Brits wear?


Oh, sorry. Someone finally responded to the Maggie comment. Cool.

I would have responded to your Maggie Thatcher comment Stevo, but I've been too busy trying to get the red wine stains out of my robe and couldn't stop itching from the powder in my wig.


Robes and powdered wigs........I've never heard the like!! : )


like :-0


I wanna be the Indian. And the lyrics are pretty generic. You could just go with them...

like :-0

Too funny....but maybe an idea

All these comments are good. Thanks everyone for your input, and mow I don't know what to do. lol

Simple---Dress up as the construction worker!!

I have a hard hat


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