What are some creative ways you create community with your team?


Is food involved?


Go out together?

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Texas has it's own culture, doesn't it? I've heard that Texans have wanted to form their own country, is that true?
We do have our own thing going here! With the way things are going politically...we may just break away!
They did have their own country briefly back in the 1800's, after breaking away from Mexico and joining the US...
Since our band does a lot of outreach work at homeless shelters and soup kitchens, every summer we put together a "tour", where we actually take about 4-5 days and go out of town and do an actual tour, but all of our venues are homeless shelters. Note that this is an expensive endeavor!! But, we treat it just like a "real" tour, lots of hype at our church and local media, big send off party where we have all the guests put together gift bags for homeless clients (includes non-perishable food items and travel-size toiletry items) that we hand out at our gigs. Since it takes so much planning, everyone gets involved and it's a really neat, BIG goal to work towards every year.

We're based in Kansas City, MO, Last year we toured to Des Moines, IA, Lincoln and Omaha, NE, and Topeka, KS. This summer we're gonna go south, to Joplin and Springfield, MO, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK, and Wichita and Topeka, KS.

I love this topic!    I have been trying for a few months to set aside the last rehearsal of the month which is thursday evening and invite the whole worship team to a "worship circle"  where we have different team members lead worship usually we have 3 or 4 members lead.  It has been incredible at times and other times it has been tough to get everyone to show up,  We all have had wonderful moments in God's presence while letting other team members who desire to lead but do not on sunday mornings and also it takes the pressure of ministry off and brings us all down to the "reason" why we are worshippers and musicians.    It's also fun to use new instruments like the cajun, the djembe in these smaller circles aswell.  It brings back the fun and provides opporutnity for anyone to pick up a shaker or an egg or a drum and play alongside the lead acoustic.      :)  Food is always a plus to... 

I have started a small group before practice nothing crazy. Just some good discussion question. Ice breakers are are really big in getting to no each other. This has changed the way we do worship practices. It was a bit slow getting started but team members have really started enjoying our time together. Yes and we do some food. I leave this up to team members. Be sure to include everyone. We have several teams and a large group of tech people and intersesors. Metting is short about 45 minutes before rehearsal.
Great time to share the ever changing vision of your ministry. And learn your teams vision. With out vision there is no grouth.


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