Hi, this is my first time, I've written a couple of songs before but I don't know how to implement them for church. The problem is first I struggle recording on my own and I can't write sheet music. The only way I have thought to record is to use my churches PA system and plug an acoustic in and record my voice with a microphone. Then finding someone else to put my songs into sheet music.

How do you deal with these problems

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I continue to write but don't expect me to selling it outside my country (Australia) except maybe through online order. Hillsong Church is as popular as Microsoft. There is no escaping it. If you type Hillsong into YouTube you'll get music back to 1997 and even there is a cover of Shout to The Lord done by the final 8 of American Idol 2008 in there "Idol gives back" segement.
Thanks for the replies, I don't know that much about using songs in church because I'm a year 12 high school (US senior high) student. I'm in Australia and according to our laws as soon as the piece has been created it is copyrighted and you can just put the (c) symbol on the piece and it automatically has free copyrighting. The way you would protect yourself is to date stamp it post it to yourself and don't open it. It will be registered with the post office and that is the proof

I'm finishing my exams next week (that is those that get us into collage) and I start playing guitar in church after that period. I have always tried to write songs since primary school. However, I do take it seriously and so I wish to do the best I can for my Saviour. Thanks for all the help, feel free to comment. I have not put a photo on because of security reasons.
Um. You could try that. You could also find someone with an up-to-date version of Sibelius and a microphone. I've never done it, and I expect tidying it up would be painstaking, but might be worth it. anyone else here use Sibelius. It is very flexible....and expensive....
Unless someone has worked an attachment to MuseScore that takes direct audio input I can't do anything like that. I am just a student, I do not have the funds for Sibelius. I also don't think anyone I know has it. I use MuseScore cause it's free.

Well I should use Solfage to learn my pitches and note lengths and then I can transcribe myself.
Thanks anyway.


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