I know this is totally off the worship path but if many of you are like me, it's "Seek ye first the coffee" then everything can be added to me...
So that led me to wonder, how do we like our coffee in the morning? First and foremost, what brand of coffee do you drink? Then how do you like it? Sweet, unsweetened, black, sweeteners...what kind, Splenda, Nutrasweet, etc. Honey maybe? How about creamers? Powdered, liquid, flavored?
I guess I'll be bombarded with you late movers who have to buy your coffee on the go like Starbucks, McDonalds and everything in between.

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Coffee... Folgers
No sugar or sweeteners for me.
Creamers... I like the liquid kind, mosty Hazelnut or Creme Brule'. They usually sweeten it up enough for me.
My wife and I have coffee in the morning, coffee after lunch and usually a pot in the afternoon if we're just chillin' with a nice pastry, usually not your big sweet icing type though. Give me a blueberry or banana nut muffin.
American, milk, no sugar please.

Americano - that is
Used to be big on Tim Horton's, but lately I'm buying my morning brew at a local shop called The Beanery. The coffee is fresh roasted locally.
one sugar (two when I cheat), milk or cream
I take my Starbucks mug that I bought in LA and go for a strong cup of java at McD's. I just put a little milk in it. When I go to the university to study, I go to Perkins and have a nice cup of butter pecan, of which I had 2 cups today! Umm!!

On-the-way-to-Church Song

All you slow pokes get outta my way
Ain't said my prayers or had my coffee today
I'm in the band and gotta be on time
Stayed up too late watching Saturday Night LIVE!
American, beans in the grinder, black. Enough said. LOL! RIght now it is Kirkland's Decaf. from Costco. Not fancy but it does the trick!
Coffee? What's that mess? Energy drinks FTW!!! (it's okay, I know I'm a dork ☺)
Energy drinks a just glorified cans of Koolaid with caffeine. Can't hang with that stuff. But I guess it counts if that's your morning jolt.
Some good stuff here...
I'm usually been a French Vanilla fan, but I'll have to try your Creme Brule...


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