I know this is totally off the worship path but if many of you are like me, it's "Seek ye first the coffee" then everything can be added to me...
So that led me to wonder, how do we like our coffee in the morning? First and foremost, what brand of coffee do you drink? Then how do you like it? Sweet, unsweetened, black, sweeteners...what kind, Splenda, Nutrasweet, etc. Honey maybe? How about creamers? Powdered, liquid, flavored?
I guess I'll be bombarded with you late movers who have to buy your coffee on the go like Starbucks, McDonalds and everything in between.

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Yea man, we had to buy the Hazelnut creamer in those little packs like you find at the truck stops so when we go places, we're not without our creamer.
The Creme Brule is our new choice. We buy it by the six pack.
Wow, what a posh lot you are on here........I'm afraid mine's an instant Fairtrade - milk and no sugar : ) I'm curious, is this an American /Canadian (not to leave you out Rick) thing with the fancy coffee or am I just behind the times? Another question....how do you find the time in the morning to make these wonderful creations? : ) : ) Lorraine from the UK.
At home it's usually instant as I'm the only coffee drinker in the house and it's not worth making a pot. On the road my favorite, bar none, is Dunkin' Donuts 16 oz with 2 Splendas and milk. I also like Vanilla Ice Cream flavor at the corner market, or French Vanilla at any Wawa market--(those in the South Jersey and nearby states know all about Wawa and how they pretty much control the convenience store market here). Every once in awhile I'll go for a flavored tea just to appease my brother in England.
My dad loves Dunkin Donuts! Wish there was one close by here. I love their coconut donuts...
I have a coffee confession. In Florida several years ago we had several hurricanes in which we lost power. We were not prepared at all for the first one and I faced my first morning without coffee. I found some old instant and my husband put some water in the coffee pot and used a blow torch to boil it. It was delightful!!!
Maxwell House, Folgers, Gevalia -- coffee of any sort, sweetened and flavored with hazelnut, vanilla caramel, amaretto, or french vanilla cream. It gets me going in the morning. I consider it to be another great gift from God (smile).
Strong drip with half-and-half. Or a Latte (or Cafe ole) but NO Flavorings, NO SWEETENER, NO Flavored Creamers...not that I have an opinion or anything...just that I don't like cleaning the rug after spewing out coffee that's been sweetened (ask my wife...not exaggerating.)
Am I the ONLY tea drinker here? Oh dear... :)

Currently I play for two services on Sundays, the Chinese and the English service (in that order). In order to have time for my daily tea I force myself up half-an-hour before the rest so that I can leisurely drink my tea and swallow some bread before waking up my boys. Then it's off to church for sound check, rehearsal and the first service!

One reason I take my tea so early is because I know it is a diuretic, so I want to give it as much time as I can to load up my bladder, then I head for the washrooms before the service starts. That way I know I am safe for the entire service. There were a few times when my pastor wanted me to continue playing on the piano while he preached. That is really tough if

1) I go without caffeine; OR

2) I've got a full bladder!

So I time my tea accordingly.

Enough of the logistics: I take a simple Lipton tea, no milk. I don't use white sugar, I sweeten it with organic honey. If I am out for my morning cuppa I scrounge around for brown sugar (Starbucks is a good bet), but I really prefer my organic honey at home.

That's me! :)
My oldest daughter is on your side, Junjie! She's a tea-drinker all the way and so is her husband. Yes, and only with honey.

I used to be just tea, but got ruined in my 40's when a friend (and I use the term loosely) introduced me to flavored coffees...it's been downhill ever since.
I sweetened my coffee with honey for a long time. Then I gave up on sweeteners pretty much altogether. Come to think of it, I think I'll go make a pot right now. :^)


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